Mars Rover Perseverance Interferes with Debris and Suspends Rock Sample Sampling-Engadget Japan Version


NASA’s Mars exploration rover Perseverance was in trouble on December 29 with a hollowing out of surface rocks on Mars and the acquisition of internal samples.

The rock sampling, which NASA’s science team named “Issole,” went smoothly. However, when the bit containing the sample was stored in a storage space called a bit carousel, an error occurred in the sensor value and the process was interrupted.

The team sent a command to retrieve the drill bit, undocked the robot arm from the carousel, and took an image to see what happened. After spending a lot of time working until January 6th, it was discovered that it was the rock debris that spilled from the sample tube as the bit was placed in the carousel.

Louise Jandura, a cheap sampling engineer at NASA / JPL, said the carousel was fine with some debris, but it was the first time to hunt and do the work of removing the debris to store the sample bits. He said that he needed to get rid of the debris in a “careful and orderly way” and would take enough time to work on it.

Perseverance also failed in the first sample collection, and Perseverance’s companion Mars helicopter Ingenuity also had trouble during its sixth flight. The current distance between Earth and Mars is 346 million kilometers. Keep in mind that with the communication time lag that naturally occurs, this task is never easy.

Source NASA

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