Marshall, the most suitable home speaker for home space, has launched a new generation of models, with upgraded appearance, sound quality, and Bluetooth. It’s time to start! | style master

After being popular all over the world for 60 years, Marshall, the classic British rock audio brand, launched the “Third Generation Home Speaker Series” in Taiwan on 1/13 for the first time in 5 years! It has three major upgrades in terms of appearance, sound quality, and Bluetooth, allowing stylish music fans to immerse themselves in the ultimate space-filled music enjoyment when they go home. At the same time, Marshall presents a New Year’s gift, the second generation home speaker series enjoys a discounted price of 13% off.

Marshall’s third generation home speaker series debuts with three new designs, bringing a wider stereo field than the previous generation, and Bluetooth 5.2 technology with higher responsiveness. In addition, the brand’s classic design returns to create new generation from Acton, Stanmore and Woburn It has better sound quality and sense of hearing. The appearance of the new generation continues the retro spirit of the brand, with iconic designs such as a lychee leather textured leather surface with metal woven mesh, an embossed handwritten Marshall Logo, and brass control knobs, showing Marshall’s extraordinary brand personality. The brass trim is narrower and simpler, making the visual experience more refined. At the same time, the design of the classic first generation lever power switch is returned, paying tribute to the unbeaten classic of Marshall stage speakers. Introduced 3 popular colors of classic black, cream white and retro brown.

The new generation has a wider sound field than the previous generation in terms of sound. The new custom design is equipped with an outward-biased tweeter and a new version of the waveguide, which can highlight the richness and breadth of the sound quality. furthermore, while reducing the reflection caused by the surrounding space The effect on the sound effect, the iconic sound effect of Marshall’s sense of space is upgraded and displayed. The built-in dynamic strength of the speaker helps to adjust the tonal balance of the sound, ensuring that music fans can immerse themselves in a superior sound experience at all volume levels.


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