Martial Arts Chairman Koo Ja-yeol emphasizes ‘hydrogen and energy cooperation’ at the Korea-Japan business meeting

▲ Koo Ja-yeol, chairman of the Korea International Trade Association, delivers a keynote speech at the ’54th Korea-Japan Business Meeting’ held at the Lotte Hotel in Sogong-dong on the 30th. ⓒ martial arts

Koo Ja-yeol, chairman of the Korea International Trade Association, suggested, “Korean businesspeople should come together first to improve bilateral relations so that Korea and Japan can overcome the turning points of the times together and open up a hopeful future.”

According to the Korea International Trade Association on the 30th, Chairman Koo made a keynote speech at the 54th Korea-Japan Business Meeting held at the Lotte Hotel in Sogong-dong, Seoul on the theme of ‘establishing a new milestone in Korea-Japan relations following the inauguration of the new government’, according to the Korea International Trade Association.

Chairman Koo said, “The global economy is in turmoil amid a vortex of huge changes such as accelerating digitalization, climate change and carbon neutrality, and reorganization of the global supply chain. It is a time when we have to seriously think about how to respond to this situation.”

Chairman Koo argued that Korean and Japanese businessmen should cooperate to respond to the challenges of the transition period. First, it is necessary to restore the visa-free visit system and expand the field of industrial cooperation to areas such as global supply chains, new industries, energy security, and carbon neutrality.

In particular, as Korea and Japan recently announced plans to significantly expand the introduction of hydrogen and ammonia, Korea’s ‘Hydrogen Fusion Alliance’ and Japan’s ‘Hydrogen Value Chain Promotion Council’ must cooperate with each other to foster the hydrogen industry. claimed to do.

Chairman Koo said, “Ahead of the full-scale transition to a carbon-neutral era, one of the key factors in the future is to share electricity between Korea and Japan. If possible, this will be of great help to the economies of both countries and further contribute to peace and stability in Northeast Asia.”

Chairman Koo proposed the formation of a public-private consultative body in which the Korean and Japanese governments and companies jointly participate.

He said, “The power of businessmen alone is not enough to break down the barriers of the past at once. It will be an opportunity to go out,” he said.

Chairman Koo said, “There are still issues to be resolved between Korea and Japan, but the scars of the past cannot bring back the results of bilateral relations accumulated over half a century.” I hope that they will become true companions who go together.”

Meanwhile, Korean and Japanese businessmen have been holding the Korea-Japan Business Meetings every year since 1969 despite difficulties in exchanges between the two countries due to political conflicts and the COVID-19 crisis.

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