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Mixed martial arts event “Yogibo presents RIZIN.33Was held at Saitama Super Arena on the 31st, and the 6th game “”Shibatar vs. Yuta Kubo1 round 1 minute 34 seconds S arm bar (corner stop)ShibatarWon.

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■ Two wins in two RIZIN battles with one win

Following last year’s New Year’s Eve tournament, Shibatar entered with popular YouTuber Hikaru, Tenchimu, Heraherasanzyushi’s “Flame Army”, and his previous opponent, HIROYA. Before the match, he had suggested abstaining from the former K-1 champion Kubo, but when he was introduced by Ring Anna, he said “I’ll show you the legend!”

From the beginning of the game, Shibatar ran around and showed tricky movements such as showing a dogeza. Kubo does not move and hits low and middle kicks into Shibatar. However, immediately after that, when Shibatar’s right punch came in, Kubo got a sticky butt and Shibatar hit the finish at once.

At the end, I jumped in, and when I mastered the arm cross like last year, there is a game here. Following last year’s New Year’s Eve tournament against HIROYA, Shibatar decided to win one match, and Shibatar now has two wins in two RIZIN matches.

After the match, Shibatar, who picked up the mic, said, “I can’t say anything. I really didn’t want to go up in this ring. I thought I’d lose. Well, YouTuber is strong.” I vomit.

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