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Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Review

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Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel’s hero team ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ depicts the story of a young man born on Earth living like a thief in space, meeting various colleagues and becoming a hero. In Korea, they are heroes who have increased their awareness through the success of the movie of the same name, and the members are endless tiki-taka, sarcasm, gags, and old pop, which is not lacking at all to express as an ‘Awesome mix’. it could be said This game is an action-adventure game in which the GaoGall team is the main character, and the original story unfolds in which a new GaoGall team appears different from that of the original and the movie version. Still, they are noisy, chasing immediate gains, fussing over each other, and adept at making things bigger.

This review was written while playing the game on the PS5 version.

Star-Lord has a very different image from Chris Pratt in the movie version that he is familiar with in Korea. But looking at it, it makes sense
In the beginning, it seems that Drax and Gamora have just joined, and they are very sharp with each other. Even in that situation, it is these members who ridicule and tease you to the end.
The game is an action-adventure format with the help of colleagues.

Become a Star-Lord and lead allies

The GaoGal team consists of leader Peter Quill aka Star-Lord, assassin Gamora, powerful warrior Drax the Destroyer, Rocket Raccoon skilled in machines and all kinds of firearms, and Groot, the only survivor of the mysterious tree race. However, the player becomes a Star-Lord and progresses the story with them.

Gathered Guardians of the Galaxy
If you leave GaoGall, of course, a sad arrest scene will appear.
In the beginning, you can see the cut that introduces like this

In places where there is no road, use Groot’s ability to build a new bridge, use Drax’s powerful power to destroy walls or move large structures to use as a scaffolding, use Gamora’s swordsmanship to open a path or climb to high places, Use the rocket’s knowledge to hack devices or make them move through narrow passages. You can move forward only when you use the guardians’ abilities in the right place, and in order to utilize 100% of the abilities of these team members, you need to make the most of the scanning function equipped on Star-Lord’s visor. Leaders are always required to have a wide field of vision and quick judgment, so they must constantly look around and find suspicious areas (objects or structures marked in yellow are necessary for progress, so you need to focus on that area) .

The most frequently used visor function. To fulfill your role as a leader, you must always check every corner of the field.
I call Drax for hard work.
Let’s sing Groot for moving, such as making a bridge

leader’s choice of the team the future influence

During the event scene of the story, a □ button icon may be displayed along with Star-Lord’s face on the screen. In this case, if you press the □ button, Peter’s dialogue options suitable for the current situation appear. Usually, there are a lot of banter jokes that are the same as the identity of this team or mediation between teammates’ quarrels (…usually, it’s not mediation, it’s a way to increase favorability by favoring one side), but there are options that change the story a little bit. also appears often. When something develops in a different direction by Peter’s choice, a message is displayed in the upper right corner of the screen, and either side does not touch the biggest storyline of the game, so feel free to choose whatever you want.

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There are various options in the game, but it is safe to say that there are no options to the extent that it becomes impossible to proceed, so let’s choose whatever you want without feeling burdened.
If your choices affect the process, such as gaining trust or succeeding in persuasion, a message is displayed in the upper right corner.

For example, in the course of the story, to meet Lady Hellbender, you choose which one to use as a monster, Groot or Rocket, and depending on this choice, the progress of the game in the corresponding chapter changes considerably.

Will you follow Drax’s advice to open the way by throwing rockets?

During battle, each member fights on their own with AI, and players need to use their unique skills, heal a fallen member, and rescue a frozen member, needing to understand the battlefield widely. When enemies arrive, he instructs Groot to block the opponent’s movements, bombard enemies with rocket skills, blow up enemies with Drax and cut them with Gamora. Also, you can fight more advantageously by making each member use the nearby features (big rocks, etc. can be picked up and thrown by Drax, and structures hanging with ropes can be cut and dropped with Gamora to deal damage to the bottom.) It can be used in a variety of ways, etc.). It is also important to minimize the damage of allies, such as attacking enemies from a distance with Star Lord’s blaster or drawing them closer using the blaster’s various elemental shot abilities. Rather than fighting on your own, giving priority to those who understand the overall situation of the battlefield and give instructions will lead to a quick and safe victory. Star-Lord is never afraid or bothered by the members… it’s not about using because it’s not

Star-Lord is good at commanding, controlling long-distance enemies, and assisting using specific elemental elements such as ice.
During battle, command each character in combination with the L1 button to use skills.
Star-Lord can use the parts obtained during the game to ask the Rocket to upgrade his equipment.
In addition, all members can acquire new skills by using the experience points obtained after battle.

Endless chatter and awesome music

The identity of this team would include endless diss and gags between each other. Throughout the game, they chatter nonstop, fight endlessly, and always help out one word at a time if anything happens. Since the dialogues continue to change depending on the choices you make, even though the game can be cleared in 15 to 20 hours, the amount of dialogue is beyond imagination. Although these lines are often mutually slanderous, hints about the progress of the game are always included, so you can feel that you are progressing together. Of course, the members are always passive except for combat and movement, so it’s a bit disappointing to have to give instructions. If the members had a little bit of a pattern of asking for directions first, like I would do it here, it would have been better to feel that we were working together.

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The Guardians really talk nonstop. The advantage is that you can definitely get the feeling of traveling together.
It’s different from the MCU version of Drax! Drax here is ‘Drax the Destroyer’ who defeated Thanos!!!
They give hints, but if they don’t move quickly, their charm is that they are relentless about being a leader… However, this can be annoying when you can’t find your way

Another identity of the GaoGall series would be ‘Awesome Music’. From the title screen of the game to the familiar Bobby Mcferrin’s ‘Don’t worry, Be happy’, and Wham!’s ‘Wake me up, before you gogo’ by Wham! This came out, and at some events, New Kids On The Block’s ‘Hangin’ Tough’ came out and gave me strength.

You can listen to gem-like masterpieces!

Such music is also being used in ‘Operation Meeting’, one of the game’s unique systems. The operation meeting can be activated by pressing the L1+R1 button when a certain gauge is gathered. At this time, Star-Lord’s options appear, and if you choose an option that can lead the members in a positive direction, all allies will be temporarily invincible, and you will be in a power-up state where you can fire skills (If you choose the wrong option, only Star-Lord will power up. state, and once activated, all members will be revived and can aim for a one-shot reversal). When the operation meeting is activated, Star-Lord plays music with his cherished cassette player, but the interesting thing is that the option of the operation meeting used the lyrics of the music as a saying – Of course, the original lyrics do not come to mind easily when translated into Korean. It is very unfortunate that it is difficult to understand.

Operational meetings are definitely an attractive system, but it would have been much better if parts such as household chores could be delivered more easily. The English word is huddle, and it is said that the motif in American football is that a quarterback gathers his teammates in a circle to plan a strategy.

Advantages and disadvantages of going off-road

There are many options in this game, and although the development of the game is slightly different due to these options, the main stem is a one-way progression that does not change. Thanks to this, you can feel like you’ve seen a new side story of Guardians of the Galaxy, which is constantly talking about, and it will be a huge advantage for Marvel fans. However, there is no change in the sense of touch, and there is almost no degree of freedom in the progress of the game, so the power to play several times is definitely lacking. Besides, there aren’t many collectible elements or power-ups, so there’s really not much left to do after playing one single track for about 15-20 hours. If cleared, the chapter selection and round play menus are unlocked, but the problem is that you have to start over completely from 0 because the contents of the last play are not inherited even if you proceed to round play. The fact that you can’t skip event cutscenes even when playing the rounds is also a very annoying factor (of course, you might not be able to skip the whole thing because there are options, but if that’s the case, it would have been better to add a high-speed progression). It will be a factor that can be sufficiently resolved with a post-release patch, so I hope that something to be enjoyed will be added. Above all, I hope that the opportunity to use attractive characters should be added.

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The magnification of the event scene is on the right side. Above all, I don’t feel like I’m just looking because there are so many options.
The puzzles in the middle were a little annoying rather than fun. Doubling the stress as the rocket beats up

However, I really liked the fact that you can set even the smallest details about the game progress in the options. I want to give a good score to the fact that the subtitles and the game screen, especially the difficulty part, can be finely adjusted so that even players who are weak in action can enjoy the game comfortably.

The strength is that the options can be set very finely. In addition to gameplay, almost every detail, including video, audio, and subtitles, shows signs of attention to detail.

The second game using Square Enix’s Marvel IP. Unlike its predecessor, the Avengers, it is an action-adventure game in which the player becomes a Star-Lord, commanding his teammates, solving various puzzles, and defeating the incoming enemies. The feeling of being with colleagues who constantly chatter and the story development that varies depending on the choices you make keeps the immersion excellent, but it is a pity that there is not much to enjoy except for the main story of about 15 to 20 hours.

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