Mask again?PM’s meeting, Rahul’s reply, relief to VS, how’s Kappa! 10 news today

First published on December 22, 2022, 6:59 PM IST

The main news today is Kovid concern, precautions and restrictions. Re-enforced mask possibilities came out today. Another important news is that the Covid check has been tightened including at the Taj Mahal. Meanwhile, Jodo’s response to the action of the Union Health Minister, who sent a letter to Yatra, and the Health Minister’s response were covered. Meanwhile, the most painful news will be the death of a Malayali girl who went to the National Cycling Polo Championship. The leader of the opposition today also came out criticizing the Pinarayi government for including the population centers in the buffer zone and now he is rolling where he fell. Below is an overview of 10 important news items

1 Center to tighten covid standards; Masks may again be mandatory

One of the most important news today is the possible tightening of covid norms in the country. Restrictions may be tightened during the upcoming Christmas and New Year celebrations. Masks are likely to be made compulsory again. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health has reiterated that flights from China will not be cancelled. The Ministry of Health informs that there is no decision to cancel flights to and from China for the time being. Meanwhile, the covid test has been made mandatory to enter the Taj Mahal. Only those who have been tested and confirmed to be free of covid will be allowed to enter the Taj Mahal. The area health department explains that the condition applies to all visitors. The health department has explained that the restriction is in view of the place where many tourists come every day. Meanwhile, a high-level meeting is being held under the leadership of the Prime Minister to take crucial decisions.

2 ‘Holidays are coming, don’t forget masks, be careful’: the Minister of Health reminds

The Minister of Health, Veena George, came to the scene asking everyone to follow the Covid protocol. The minister suggested that the situation in the state be evaluated if a new covid variant was confirmed in the country and that he should proceed with caution. Currently, the number of covid cases and hospitalizations in the state is low. But Kerala should also be careful in case of covid outbreaks at international and national level. The Christmas and New Year holidays are coming. Those who go to crowded places should be careful to wear masks. The elderly, those with other illnesses, and infants should be monitored in particular. The government is also checking the presence of genetically modified covid virus in the state and whether it forms a cluster. The state is proceeding cautiously. The minister also informed that surveillance has been announced in all the areas.

3 ‘Jodo Yatra made many people tremble’; Rahul Gandhi said that a planned move was underway to stop the tour

Another big news today is that Rahul Gandhi has come out criticizing the proposed move to stop the Bharat Jodo Yatra. Rahul Gandhi criticized that the propaganda that Kovid is coming again and the Jodo Yatra is making many people tremble. Rahul Gandhi rejected the Union Health Minister’s suggestion to follow Covid instructions. Rahul began his journey unmasked as usual in the ongoing Bharat Jodo Yatra in Haryana. And many activists are taking part in the journey. Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandavya yesterday warned that if Covid norms are not followed, the journey will have to be stopped. Rahul’s reply came after this. But the Union Health Minister has come out again with a response that he has given a warning in the Kovid situation, not playing politics.

4 ‘Pinarai government put settlements in buffer zone, now it is rolling over’: VD Satheesan

Opposition leader VD Satheesan came out today saying that the Pinarayi government has included the population centers in the buffer zone. Satheesan accused the government of showing complete negligence and mismanagement and rolling over where it fell in the buffer. ‘The government has issued an order which harms the people. What the Oommen Chandy government did beautifully, the Pinarayi government made difficult for the people. The Prime Minister has not yet responded to the questions raised by the opposition. Kerala has more forests than the national average. Higher population density and less residential land is what should be reported to the Supreme Court. But the government does none of this. The government is at a loss as to what to do. Now the left government is blaming Jairam Ramesh for helping the BJP. Accusing that this was a disaster made by the first Pinarayi government, Satheesan claimed that the opposition had succeeded in waking up the sleeping government.

5 Victim of injustice! A Malayali girl who had gone to the National Cycling Polo Championship died

The news that saddened everyone today was that a 10-year-old girl from the Kerala team that reached the National Cycling Polo Championship died in Nagpur. Nida Fatima, a native of Alappuzha, died. He was admitted to hospital due to vomiting. As the condition worsened, he was moved to a ventilator. He died later. The contestants in Kerala, including Nida, were staying in a makeshift center after the organizers denied accommodation and food facilities. Alappuzha native Nida Fatima’s health condition deteriorated early this morning due to severe vomiting. He was then taken to Srikrishna Hospital in Nagpur. The trainers accompanying them said that after an injection was given here, the health condition worsened. He was then moved to ICU. The child’s death was confirmed in the afternoon.

6 Interim relief to VS: Awaiting judgment to pay compensation to Oommen Chandy

Another news in Kerala is that the trial court has ordered VS Achuthandan to pay compensation to the then Chief Minister Oommen Chandy in connection with the solar case. The Thiruvananthapuram District Court stayed the lower court order in case VS’s comments during the Lok Sabha elections were defamatory. The judgment of the lower court was to pay compensation of Rs. The basis of the case was against what VS Achuthanandan said in a channel interview on July 6, 2013 that Oommen Chandy was behind the solar company and Oommen Chandy had cheated crores by putting Saritha Nair in front of him. The court ruled to pay compensation of ten lakh rupees to Oommen Chandy after the things said in the interview could not be proved in court. This judgment has now been suspended.

7 A newspaper supplement to praise the CPM area leader, written by an area committee member; Debate

Another piece of news is the controversy surrounding the publication of an addendum in the newspaper praising the CPM leader. The attachment is about Pathanamthitta Party district secretary member PB Harshakumar. A section of the CPM came out against the annexation. Criticism was expressed that the annex is not compatible with the organizational model of CPM. PB Harshakumar was elected state vice president of CITU. An article about him was published in Kerala Kaumudi daily. The article was written by Adoor CPM District Committee Member CR Dhinraj. But Harsh Kumar responded that he did not know about the preparation of the annexure.

8 A lawyer was injured when a flagpole became stuck around his neck; The High Court expressed its anger

Another news today is that the High Court has expressed its anger over the incident in Thrissur where a scooter passenger was injured by a plastic string on the side of the road. Calling the incident a horrible one, the court ordered the Secretary of the Thrissur Corporation to appear in person tomorrow. The court also criticized the authorities for waiting for a disaster to happen. Those who place illegal Kotoriran and banner travel by car. Such people have no problem. The court also criticized that ordinary people suffer from all this. Justice Devan Ramachandran heard the case. The plea will be heard again tomorrow at 1.45 o’clock.

9 ‘Kappa’ in Udvegavathi, full of Prithviraj; Review

The release and first reviews of Prithviraj Kappa’s movie is news from the world of Malayalam cinema. Kappa is a film directed by Shaji Kailas based on the story Shankhumukhi by GR Indu Gopan, who is notable among the new writers. Kappa is also the film where Shaji will team up with Prithviraj after Tiger, which brought back Shaji Kailash after a hiatus. The curiosity before the release of the film was that Shaji Kailas, who has once made his signature in action films, will prepare a film language for the story of a remarkable storyteller of the new generation. Kappa gives us the experience of seeing Shaji Kailash renew himself with time in the visual narrative. The initial reactions are that Prithviraj played the role of Kota Madhu, Asif Ali played the role of Anand and Anna Ben played the role of Binu Trivikraman.

10 World Cup achievement; Rumor has it that Messi can be part of Argentina’s currency

The news from the sporting world is that Lionel Messi could be featured on Argentina’s currency in the glory of a World Cup football victory. The report in the international media says that Messi, who is the most followed sports star, played a vital role in the final match. After 36 years, Argentina and their fans are celebrating their footballing achievement in the World Cup. A meeting chaired by the Bank of Argentina regulator is said to have discussed the issue of putting Messi’s image on the currency. It is said that the proposal was originally raised as a joke, but others who attended the meeting supported the proposal. But already, fake photos of Messi’s face in Argentina’s currency, the peso, have gone viral on social media.

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