‘Masnach’ opens a plan to deal with the “triple crop” in 2023, buying 22.8 thousand tonnes in advance

The result of the government’s “Market-Led Production” policy through the “Omkoi” project. model” initiated by Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister Commerce began to see light at the end of the tunnel.

For the “three-headed plant” which includes red onion, garlic and onion. by the initiative of the Department of Internal Trade under the vice president, “Wattanasak Suea Iam” which responds to the targeted work policy

Images of farmers blocking roads in protest or bringing their produce piled up and burnt. It’s a familiar sight.

In the last 3-4 years ago, today those events no longer exist. Instead, there were only images of delighted smiles from the farmers’ brothers and sisters.

Onion and garlic growers after a good crop with good prices and clear markets

From the beginning, “Omkoi model”, the policy used by the ministry to solve the problem of product prices Agriculture was depressed in four groups of goods and one of them was the triple head crop.

starting from bringing travel operators Go to buy directly to the source of production from farmers. Willing to enter into a futures contract at a market leading price

Since then, it has continued every year. by the Department of Internal Trade Since the Koi model policy It started on August 1, 2020. As a result of the effort of the Director General to work, he started to see success. definitely today

“In the past, I’d just sign an MoU, take pictures and be done with it. Now it is not a set of operators at all. that we have to buy at this price Anyone who has a problem, the market is not enough The Department will also help to provide additional destination markets such as Blue Flag restaurants, Blue Flag shops, gas stations, commercial mobile vehicles, local department stores, these are our points of sale. But you have to buy a product at a price that leads the market, it will win all parties. Entrepreneurs get more markets. Farmers can sell at a price.”

Mr Koranit Nonjui, the Deputy Director General of the Department of Internal Trade, further disclosed that From examining the price of this three-headed crop this year (2023) compared to last year at the same time, it was found that all prices at the moment have increase. Last year (2022), onions were priced at 12 baht/kg this year increased to 16 baht/kg, shallots 9 baht/kg to 13 baht/kg and garlic last year 13 baht/kg, this year increasing to 14.5-15.0 baht /kg 20-30%

“This is the beginning of the season, the price is still high. But to be confident in the price during the number of cases from 3 months from now, which is the month of February. March and April We need to buy the product in advance, which is expected to produce about 257,135 tons in the year 2023 by using Omkoi model measurement. Last year (2022), we did about 9,000 tonnes.

As for this year (2023), it will increase to 22,800 tons, divided into 7,300 tons of onions, 7,500 tons of shallots, and 8,000 tons of garlic,” said the Deputy Director General of the Department of Internal Trade.

However, according to the Department of Internal Trade’s forecast, the amount of three-headed crops produced in 2023

There will be a volume of 257,135 tonnes, an increase of around 5-10% compared to last year’s (2022) output of 233,808 tonnes, divided into 36,479 tonnes of onions, 155,765 tonnes of shallots and 64,891 tonnes of garlic.

The main planting areas are in the northern areas such as Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Lamphun, Phayao, Lampang, Mae Hong Son, Uttaradit, Phetchabun and some northeastern states such as Sisaket, where GI quality shallots are grown.

Mr Kornnit mentions three-headed crop management measures In addition to following the normal mechanisms of the market

As for the Ministry of Commerce, the Internal Trade Department will take care of it. Domestic and legal production control measures go hand in hand. By controlling the production in the country, it includes

1. Distribution outside the production area and increasing distribution channels directly to consumers.

2. Keep stock

3. Omkoi model

4. peddler or commercial mobile

and 5. Gas stations such as PTT, Bangchak, PT and Shell.

Legal measures will be taken against offenders at the maximum penalty rate. As some of the three bulky plants are regulated Movers must clearly state the size, storage location, and show the purchase and retail price.

Willing to check the import price declaration (compared to the selling price of garlic in China) as well as prevent smuggling.

By working with the security department, the ISOC, the administrative department and the police to arrest and prosecute criminals on a maximum penalty of 5 years imprisonment, a fine of 100,000, or both.

“Last year, 12 criminals were arrested, 9 of them were not in accordance with the transport permit and 3 of them did not have a transport permit. If you find a clue about the crime, call 1569, the Internal Trade Department, ” repeated the Deputy Director General of the Department of Internal Trade.

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