Mass attack on the soccer field in Indonesia; 125 Death | World | Deshabhimani

In Indonesia, 125 people died in the clash and rush during the football match. About one hundred and eighty people were injured in the disaster at the Kanchuruhan Stadium in Malank on Saturday night. The fans went down to protest against the host team, FC Arema Persebaya Surabaya, who lost by three goals to two. Two policemen who tried to stop them were killed. The subsequent use of tear gas caused the death rate to rise. Many died of suffocation in the stampede. A five-year-old child was also killed.

All tickets were sold out of the stadium’s total capacity of 42,000. Police said around 3,000 people rushed to the ground. The organizers, FC Arema, did not allow fans of the opposing team Persebaya Surabaya to buy tickets because of the post-match clashes that are common in Indonesia.

Matches in Indonesia’s top league BRI Liga 1 have been canceled for a week, the Football Association said. Also, Arema FC has been banned from hosting matches for the rest of the season.

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