Massachusetts post offices completed the record number of marijuana packages in 2018

Massachusetts post offices recorded a record number of marijuana bundles in 2018 – the leisure pot stores in the same year open up In the state, Boston CBS reported. Although it is legal to buy and sell a marijuana in Massachusetts, it is not legal to email it.

Last year, local post inspectors champions 434 marijuana packages by the end of November. That is the rate over its period of state legalization i 2016.

"It is still illegal under the Federal Regulated Substances Act. People must be aware of that," said Stephen Doherty, US Postal Service spokesman, with Boston CBS. Doherty said job inspectors have no job plans to mitigate or retire these types of savings.

The Federal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) supports its policy on mediation packs containing pots. "It is against federal law, and our work is to follow that law," said Jon DeLena, the Special Agent. "We are focusing on the biggest drug trafficking organizations that we can identify."

Although both state states are the use of both medical and recreational marijuana, the federal government is still classifying cannabis as drug I – a category with heroin, LSD and ecstasy. According to the United States Drug Enforcement Agency, there is "no current medical use and high potential for abuse". It is estimated that it is more dangerous than drugs such as cocaine, methamphetamine and OxyContin.

At least 55 of the sub-package packages were less than one o'clock of marijuana, records show. One was worse than a penny. Only 2 percent of the packages seized opioids.

"Here in New England, sadly, we know fentanyl is easily available," explained DeLena. "So there are not many cases when people go online and send packages by post."

Sending or receiving philosophy by post may be up to five years in jail. In cases where there are large or second quantities, the penalty can be more severe.


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