Massive Fire Causes Significant Damage at Pattaya Floating Market: Estimated Losses of 50-60 Million Baht

District Chief Inspects Pattaya Floating Market After Devastating Fire

Pattaya, Thailand – District Chief Bang Lamung recently conducted an inspection of the renowned Pattaya floating market, revealing that approximately 20% of the area was damaged in a large fire that occurred on the night of September 7. The estimated value of the damage is around 50-60 million baht. While previous fire incidents have been reported, none have been as severe as this.

Fire Engulfs Thailand’s Premier Eco-Tourism Destination

On the night of September 8, 2023, a devastating fire broke out at the highly acclaimed eco-tourism site, the “Floating Market 4,” located in the Pattaya District of Bang Lamung, Chonburi Province. This incident has sent shockwaves throughout the local community and beyond.

The next morning, at 10:30 am on September 8, 2023, Mr. Phisit Sirisawatdinukul, the Head of Bang Lamung District, alongside other relevant government agencies, arrived at the scene to assess the situation. Upon inspection, it was determined that the fire primarily affected the northern section of the market, resulting in damage to over 70 shops, which corresponds to approximately 1% or 10-20% of the total area. In response to this unfortunate event, the market operators have initiated a registration process for affected individuals, aiming to provide assistance and allocate alternative sales spaces.

Further investigations are underway, led by Section 2 of the State Police, who will delve into the details of the incident. This includes interviewing victims and assessing the potential role of insurance in providing compensation. However, determining the assistance that the authorities can offer poses a challenge due to the market’s status as a private establishment. Therefore, a comprehensive review of relevant legal provisions is necessary to address this matter.

The initial assessment, conducted in collaboration with the market operators, indicates that the damage is estimated to be at least 50-60 million baht. The decision regarding the market’s reopening and recovery timeline remains uncertain. Affected shops have temporarily relocated to other areas while awaiting examination by officers from the Evidence Division of District 2 in Chonburi Province, as well as insurance agents, to ascertain the full extent of the case.

The management of the Pattaya Floating Market has established a plan to assist traders impacted by the fire incident. Representatives from various insurance companies are present at the registration desk in front of the office, evidencing the market’s coverage under fire insurance. However, the precise amount of insurance premiums remains undisclosed at this time.

Floating Market 4 in Pattaya is a privately owned tourist attraction situated within the vibrant Pattaya City. Spanning across 19 plots along Sukhumvit Road, this establishment, owned by Mr. Manat Meepong, seeks to preserve Thai art and culture while showcasing the way of life of residents in all four regions of Thailand – the north, central, northeast, and south. Operating since 2008, it has become a favored destination for both local and international tourists, particularly Chinese visitors, who consider it a must-visit spot. Although the market encountered a fire incident several years ago, it was effectively contained, making this recent catastrophic event all the more devastating.

District Chief Bang Lamung inspected the Pattaya floating market and found about 20% of the damage from the big fire on the night of September 7, worth 50-60 million baht. In the past, there have been cases of fire. but not as harsh as this time

On September 8, 2023, from a serious fire incident Inside the famous eco-tourism place at the forefront of Thailand, “Floating Market 4, Pattaya District”, Sukhumvit Road, in, District Sattahip, Moo 12, Nong Prue Subdistrict, Bang Lamung District, Chonburi Province last night.

Later at 10:30 am on September 8, 2023, Mr. Phisit Sirisawatdinukul Bang Lamung District Head together with relevant government agencies He came to inspect the scene, revealing that he went to the inspection area again this morning after the break power in the middle of the night. It was found that the fire had burnt the area of ​​the northern zone of the market. More than 70 shops were damaged, covering more than 1′ or about 10-20% of the total area. The operator has opened the registration for those who are in trouble on behalf of the victims. to find ways to help or allocate new sales areas

As for the case, we have to wait for the results of the investigation. by Section 2 of the State Police to investigate the details including questioning the victim along with insurance that will come down to see the area as well Regarding the event of this disaster, will there be help from the authorities or not? because this area is a private area This matter would have to go back and look at the law again.

“The preliminary damage from the assessment together with operators is expected to be at least 50-60 million baht. As for whether the market will be able to open for service or not. or how quickly It is known that the shops that damaged are temporarily moved to other areas. Awaiting examination by officers from Evidence Division, District 2, Chonburi Province and insurance to conclude the real case.”

on behalf of the owner No information has been released yet. But there is a management plan. And help the traders who have suffered from the fire incident by representatives of different insurance companies. come to the registration desk in front of the office that the Pattaya Floating Market has made fire insurance But there is no confirmation of the exact amount of the insurance premiums.

For Floating Market 4, Pattaya is a private sector tourist attraction. in the tourist area of ​​Pattaya City There are 19 plots on Sukhumvit Road. (Bangna-Trad Line) with Mr Manat Meepong as the owner of the business. Created as a tourist attraction for the preservation of Thai art and culture. With a simulation of the lifestyle of people by the water in all 4 regions of Thailand, namely the northern, central, northeastern and southern regions, it has been open since 2008 and is considered a popular tourist destination from Thailand and Thai and many. foreigners especially Chinese tourists used to vote that together This is the main popular attraction for tourists and it has experienced fire several years ago. But that time was not violent and he could control the fire. until the fire happened this time

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