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Massive protest moves against Putin across the country – Russian citizens

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Tens of thousands of Russians Large gatherings all over the country Moscow arrests Putin’s antagonist Alexina Walni

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny Tens of thousands gathered across the country. To express a stance against President Vladimir Putin from the Russian authorities arrested Navalni. The leader of the Russian opposition immediately returned to the country.

The report states that Russian masses marched in major cities across the country on Saturday. Called the Russian leader to release Navalni. He was jailed for 30 days after he was arrested on Jan. 18, walking to Moscow’s Sheremetyevo International Airport after completing his treatment at a local hospital. Germany from being poisoned while flying in a plane since the end of last year.

Navalani, 44, is scheduled to be detained until Feb.15 pending trial in multiple bail breaches. This includes cases that Russian prosecutors claim are investigating him for defrauding party donations. Which directly connects Navarni

For the Putin protest At Pushkin Square in Moscow, tens of thousands of Navalni supporters gathered. Police were pinned to warn it was an unauthorized gathering. It claimed it violated the COVID-19 control ordinance. Officials tried to break up the rally. Therefore there was a serious collision At least 1,045 protesters were reported to have been arrested, one of whom was Mr Navalny’s wife, Julia Navalnaya.


As with other major cities in the country The Russians who supported Navalny Gathered together to show the Moscow government release Navalny Including showing a stand against the succession of the Putin government The nationwide protests were the largest demonstrations of the Kremlin government in decades. Since the Putin government Try to use every tool to stop the Russians from moving on the road.

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Russia - Protest - Putin

Many cities across the country sinceSt. Petersburg The westernmost coast of the country Until Vladivostok in the east end Even inYakutsk, where the temperature is -50 degrees The Russians also joined the movement to signal the Kremlin government. Along with a message sign expressing dissatisfaction with President Vladimir Putin, such as ‘Enough of Putin’s reign’ or ‘Putin is Russia’s problem’

Young Russians are reportedly moving abroad to take a stand against Putin in several countries as well.

Russia - Protest - Putin

Independent Audit Organization Report “Ovidi-Info” revealed that there were demonstrations in about 90 cities across the country. Including at least 2,500 protesters were arrested nationwide. The United Nations (United Nations), the European Union (EU), the US, Canada and the United Kingdom. Each issued a statement expressing concern over the situation.

For Navalni He was detained in the Matoskaya Tishina prison in Moscow, awaiting trial in a tax fraud case in 2009 before entering the prison. Navalani’s team has released a clip. He also called for mass protests to put pressure on “the powerful” and to release pictures and confidential documents of Putin’s enormous assets. This includes large luxury mansions along the Black Sea coast, all built from Russian public taxes.

Russia - Putin - protestRussia - Protest - PutinRussia - Protest - Putin

Source: Theguardian


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