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The main criticism of small volume chassis products is poor scalability and poor heat dissipation. In addition to poor scalability, hardware compatibility will also be greatly reduced.

But this time, I want to introduce a super small size iTX case with built-in 280mm water cooling row, 850W SFX power supply and PCIe 4.0 extension cable. The NR200P MAX launched by Cooler Master has built in power supply and water cooling, and it is pre-solved. After starting, just install the motherboard, processor, memory, hard disk and graphics card to complete the assembly!


Small size, strong expansion, you can also install the graphics card vertically


NR200P MAX measures 377mm long, 185mm wide, and 292mm high (including protruding parts) The side panel is pre-installed with two pieces of metal mesh, and a piece of glass tempered in the replaceable accessories, showing the cool visual lighting effect inside the case, I / O includes 2 sets of USB 3.2 Gen 1 and 3.5mm Audio + Microphone, which is quite a satisfactory configuration .

There are three sets of PCIe expansion slots, the graphics card is installed vertically, and the length can support up to 336mm. There are thick and high feet around the bottom, and a large area magnetic filter, which is easier clean it.










In terms of heat dissipation, two 120/140mm fans can be installed on top of the case, a set of 280mm water cooling radiators are installed, and a maximum of two 120mm fans can be installed on the bottom. If you want to install a 3.5-inch hard drive, you can only install a 120mm fan, the overall cooling expansion is not bad for such a small case.

The internal structure adopts an extremely compact design, the motherboard is compatible with Mini-ITX specifications, and one 2.5 / 3.5-inch hard disk, one 3.5-inch hard disk and two 2.5-inch hard disks can be installed in common, and the hard disk expansion is very sufficient.

The built-in water cooling adopts the integrated water cooling of the third generation dual chamber water cooling head, which increases the water cooling surface area by 25%. The fan has 2 SICKLEFLOW 140MM PUMP FANS. Power supply is equipped with 850W V850 SFX GOLD certified SFX power supply It is pre-solved, and the universal modular quick release design makes it easier and more convenient for players to assemble.





The hardware adopts ASRock X570 Phantom-ITX/TB3 public version cred card and NVIDIA RTX 2080. The compatibility is very good. Next, let’s take a look at the cooling performance of Cooler Master NR200P MAX.




The first test of the two side panels is a mesh configuration, cold air enters from both sides, hot air is discharged from the top, the test environment is 28 degrees, using AIDA64 Stress CPU and FPU Stress to burn in for 10 minutes, you can see that the CPU temperature falls on average 83.3 ~ 83.7 degrees, The graphics card is not under load so the average temperature is 32.1 degrees. Then use FurMark to burn the machine for 10 minutes, and the temperature of the graphics card averages 71.2 degrees, which is an excellent performance for a small case.



The next step is to replace one side panel (left side) with the glass transparent side, so that only the other side is left for the air intake, and the hot air is discharged from the top. the test environment is 28 degrees AIDA64 CPU stress and FPU Stress are used to burn in the machine for 10 minutes. You can see the CPU The average temperature falls between 84.2 and 84.6 degrees, and the temperature is 0.9 degrees higher than the mesh side plate The graphics card is not loaded, so the average temperature is 32.0 degrees.

Then use FurMark to burn the machine for 10 minutes The average temperature of the graphics card is 73.9 degrees, which is 2.7 degrees higher than the mesh side panel. To be honest, the temperature difference is not too big. As to whether to use the mesh side panel which prioritizes heat dissipation or the glass transparent side panel which prioritizes visual lighting effects Let the players choose!


Cooler Master NR200P MAX is really a boon for gamers who like small cases. It optimizes scalability, compatibility and heat dissipation in a small size. It has a certain level of performance in all aspects. The built-in in The processor water cooling and power supply, and the entire exhaust line is also handled at the same time, which reduces the difficulty and time in the assembly, and can be used after installing the basic hardware of the machine!

The overall appearance is low-key with a sense of technology and color matching. The side panel also has transparent mesh and glass sides to choose from. If you want to be low-key or show visual lighting effects, let the deciding player. Are you still looking for small volume chassis products? The Cooler Master NR200P MAX might be worth a try.





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