Match 31 years ago; Australia’s Jeff Fenac becomes new world champion Australian Fenech wins world title 31 years after controversial draw

Melbourne: Australian boxer Jeff Fenac became the new heir to the global fight organized by the World Boxing Council 31 years ago. The super featherweight title was handed to a new heir after a long search.

The highly anticipated Azuma Nelson-Fenac fight will take place on June 28, 1991. Venue Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas. Nelson was retained as the winner at the end of the great 12 round fight, but prominent people came out against the decision. Fenac had said that he was never able to fight with his old energy again after returning with great displeasure.

As the debate escalated, a new committee was appointed to investigate it. They announced the new heir.

Fenkin held the IBF bantamweight title from 1985-1987, the WBC senior bantamweight title from 1987-88 and the WBC featherweight title from 1988-90.

‘If it had been given on the day of the victory, it would have been useful in professional life. However, it will be important for them to give at least now,” said the actor.

Even after that match, the two came face to face again. The victory with Fenac was much later when Nelson beat him the following year.

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