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That’s itKunjildo, starring Sif Ali, continues to perform successfully in theaters. The cast and crew are overjoyed at the positive comments the film has received. But there is someone else who enjoys the success of this film more than them. Eldo John from Malayattoor. In the film, Asif Ali portrays the true life experiences of Eldo John. Eldo opens his mind to

Familiarity with Mathukutty

My cousin is Mathukutty, the director of Kunjeldo. Is the son of Chachan. I call it Kunjon. He is my dearest friend, the one who walks together. Then Mathukutty was with me during the story we saw in the movie. He is also the one who stood strong with me.

What actually happened

That’s what happened about 17 years ago. That was the case in 2003-2004. It was the most decisive event of my life. Everything I experienced was seen on the screen.

Valuable friendships

Mathukutty knows very well what my story is. Mathukutty has seen and experienced all my experiences first hand. Mathukutty has played a crucial role in my life. It was with me in everything I saw in the movie. I had a lot of support. Beyond love, friendship is precious to me. I still have those friendships. It’s been a while since I ‘ve been to UC College. We are still in touch. It still meets once a year.

The idea of ​​making a movie

Mathukutty was the first to say that my life could be made into a film. I was asked if I could make my story into a movie. It didn’t seem like a big deal when I heard he was directing. Because that is the story he also experienced. I also said that if it can be done in a good way, if it is a good start, so be it. He then tells the story to Vineethettan (Vineeth Sreenivasan) and proceeds with the story.

Retained the plot

The story of the film is almost like that. Some things have been added to it for the film.

When he saw Asif

Mathukutty and I are going to see Asif Ali. After telling the story, Mathew introduced me to Asif Ali. I was with him in all areas of the story. I also worked as a line producer for the film.

When seen in a movie theater

For me, there is no tension at all. When I think back to the decision I made at that age, I wonder if I was able to make that decision then. I still feel that our decisions are right. Glad to see it through the movie. That was a decision that affected me. And the current tension is that this is Mathew’s first film. This movie is the beginning for many people. That planet was good enough that it should come out well. Many onlookers have called and commented positively.

Household response

Everyone said well. The wife then looked a little emotional.

The original Kunjeldo lives quietly in Malayattoor with his mother, wife and two children while the film is getting good reviews for its autobiography.

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