Matrix-Like Bunch launches from Kim Kardashian 'Clones'; Shockwave across Twitter


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If people are thinking that Kardashians are already at the world, Kim could be different. The reality TV star and the socialization are very happy with viewers having to watch his recent ad campaign containing his own replicas, with only bras, tights and glasses to wear.

Kim Kardashian could be doing a blink for her fans, sharing the matrix matrix for herself and her students on her social media. The reality TV star and Instagrammer decided to double over 120 million trailers itself to advance the evolving advance to promote an eyewear brand.

Social media diva often sends her own social bases, encouraging impeccable storms and getting millions of pounds, not to mention the Kims collection. However, not everyone was sure to endure the world more Kardashians.

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There was an opportunity for others to have fun.

Some of them were sure they had already seen the stunt and that they were trying to plagiarise.

However, there was no shortage of people commenting on the shoot.


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