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The 2nd “Matsu International Art Island” will be launched on September 23. Everyone is welcome to re-understand the beauty of Matsu through an artistic perspective. The roof in the lower right corner of the picture is the exhibition work “Guardian”. (Photo by reporter Zhou Xingrui)

[Reporter Zhou Xingrui/Taipei Report]The 2nd “Matsu International Art Island” will be held on September 23 in four villages and five islands of Matsu, and will be on display until November 12. Everyone is invited to experience the moving beauty of Matsu through an artistic perspective. island story. Evergreen Group’s direct-operated travel agency “Chang Pan Holidays”, following the first “Island Brewing”, once again cooperated with the Chinese Cultural Federation and the Lianjiang County Government to cooperate with UNI Air Taipei-Beigan, Taipei-Nangan, and Taichung – Three Matsu routes, including Nangan, have launched official partner theme tours, including appreciating art exhibits, sightseeing tours, tasting local specialties, island hopping and Matsu tours, etc., and specially arranged full-time tour guides who have been trained as tour guides. , allowing tourists to get to know Matsu again and fall in love with Matsu again through the perspective of art.

The theme of the 2nd “Matsu International Art Island” is “Red Summer”, which symbolizes that like old wine that has gone through the baptism of time, art continues to ferment in Matsu. The picture shows the exhibition work “Open” – Old Wine Glass House. (Photo by reporter Zhou Xingrui)

Matsu International Art Island, co-sponsored by the Chinese Cultural Federation and the Lianjiang County Government, is a 10-year vision art project and the first island-hopping art event in Taiwan. The first event in 2022 will lead travelers into Matsu through art. attract international attention. The second edition of the project invited a number of international artists to participate, and took over the concept of the first “Island Brewing”. It took the process of brewing old wine as “making red wine for the summer” as its title, and quoted the proverb of Matsu brewing old wine for the unveiling, symbolizing the experience of old wine. As time passes, art continues to ferment in Matsu. Among its 9 core projects, it has gathered more than 65 works, 21 performances and 18 participating activities, combined with the joint creations of many international artists from Matsu, Taiwan, Germany, the United States and Japan, to bring the long-gestating Matsu Island Stories, transformed into works of art full of local charm.

Changfan Holidays has launched three themed tours on Matsu International Art Island this time. The itinerary includes Nanbeigan, Dongxiju and Dongyin, which will lead art addicts to visit the art island. (Photo by reporter Zhou Xingrui)

This collection of various artworks on Dongyin Island, coupled with the island’s famous attractions, forms an excellent art itinerary for roaming the island. (Photo by reporter Zhou Xingrui)

Changfan Holiday has carefully planned this time and launched 3 major themed itineraries: “Nanbeigan Art Festival 3 days”, “Nanbeigan + Dongyin Island 3 days”, “Nanbeigan + Dongxiju 3 days” 3 itineraries, travel points It includes many projects such as “Relocation Plan”, “Island Scenery”, “Island Life”, “Go Back to the Island”, “Island Perspective”, “Underground Laboratory”, “Taste Bud Laboratory”, etc. Choose different itineraries based on the art and cultural exhibition spots you want to visit. We will be led by a dedicated person to visit the “Open” – Old Wine Glass House in the “Rehousing Project”, which reconstructs the historical residence and transforms it into an art work that is linked to the landscape. It has the potential to become a permanent work; the location is to the east and “Go Back to the Island”, which is mainly based in Dongju, continues the co-creation spirit of the previous edition, gathering a team of returning/immigrating young people born out of co-creation cooperation to respond to the design concept with local cultural stories and sustainable islands.

The 2nd “Matsu International Art Island” work “Imagination”. (Photo by reporter Zhou Xingrui)

“Island Scenery” selects transportation hubs and public spaces that are familiar to local residents, such as Qingshui Bunker, Meishi Officer Teahouse, Nangan Fu’ao Wharf Waiting Room, etc., and installs public art works to invite everyone to care about public issues through art. Think together. In addition to the audio-visual appreciation works, the “Taste Bud Laboratory” in the Art Island project uses local and Taiwanese cooking teams to translate island ingredients, leading tourists to taste the local customs and stories of Matsu through the cuisine, enjoy experimental taste bud cuisine, and experience an unprecedented experience Art feast. In addition, Changfan Holidays also planned must-visit attractions in Matsu in the itinerary, including a visit to the famous Qinbi Mountain City, Dongju National Monument Centenary Lighthouse, Beihai Tunnel Oaring Boat, etc., providing tourists with a gathering of beautiful scenery, food, and aesthetics For your Matsu trip, if you sign up now, you can also get a limited number of Art Island Activity Passports, while supplies last.

The work “Peace is a Piece of Cake (10XL)” is on the first floor of the waiting room of Nangan Fu’ao Wharf. (Photo by reporter Zhou Xingrui)

Travelers who like to travel independently can also order through the “UNI Holidays” instant booking online platform to quickly search for the most value-for-money Matsu machine and wine combinations, and arrange air tickets and hotels in one go. UNI Holidays also launched a limited discount on the official website for Matsu International Art Island, inviting art enthusiasts to appreciate the island style after autumn. From now until November 9th, order machine-to-wine at UNI Holidays, enter the exclusive discount code “2023matsu” at checkout, and immediately enjoy a NT$300 discount on a single order. The quantity is limited to 200 sets, while the quantity is limited. For more information on travel products, please visit the official website of Changfan Holidays.

Mazu Temple is the local belief center of Mazu. When visiting Mazu, you can also take a look at the exhibition “The Sea is My Continent” on Magang Beach. (Photo by reporter Zhou Xingrui)

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