Matt ordered. 1 surround the computer! Laying carpets to explore “Foundation” across the country after the “Being to the Group” event

On February 13, 2023 at 10:00 am in the Rajasri Conference Room of the City Hall of the Ministry of the Interior General Anupong Paochinda The Minister of the Interior chaired the meeting to monitor the implementation of government policies and the important missions of the Ministry of the Interior, with Mr.Naris Khamnurak The Deputy Minister of the Interior together with political officers led by Mr.Sutipong Julcharoen Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Mr.Manrat Rattanasukhon Director General of the Department of State Administration Mr. Chayawut Chandra Director General of the Department of Lands Mr. Ornsit Samphantharat Director General of the Department of Community Development Mr. Pongrat Piromrat Director General of the Department of Public Works and Town and Country Planning Mr. Kajorn Srichawanothai Director General of the Department of Local Administration Mr. Rattaphon Naradisorn, Deputy Director General of the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Inspector General, Ministry of the Interior MD Wantanee Wattana, Deputy Permanent Secretary Bangkok Head of State Enterprise It is a meeting through a video conferencing system for all provinces. with the provincial governor Deputy Governor Heads of provincial government agencies, sheriffs and relevant officers at the provincial town hall in each province

Gen said. Anupong that he had to thank the governor in the past. and the sheriff who is a leader in managing work at district level as leaders of the Ministry of Internal Affairs officers And as a leader of the integration of all government agencies, all ministries, centers and departments in the area, the latest team from Phop Phra District , Tak State has actively integrated to help children in trouble until they help safely. This is considered an example of managing an area through the integration of all sectors. up to the success of the operation and asked to stimulate the work to improve suffering and foster happiness in a way that emphasizes the integration of all agencies at local level and paying close attention to all issues in the area

Gen. Anupong Paochinda has followed up on his operations and provided guidelines for government administration in the area. by instructing the governor and sheriff of the state to take steps to prevent and suppress narcotics and to comply with the law on firearms And the laws related to the work of the foundation, the association must check the evidence documents and various actions are detailed, measured, and thorough as required strictly according to the law. And if wrongdoing is found, legal action must be taken without exception.

In the part of the work on land ownership rights documents These days, it is found that people are misunderstood when using land title deeds to cover them with plastic. and cause damage to the extent of the damaged documents need to speed up understanding through different channels of government agencies Including creating awareness for the community. Use concise, easy to understand language, disseminate information to each community, village, and each meeting, community, or meeting with the governor, sheriff, civil servants, village head, village head in all channels so that people have information and comply with legal requirements. related regulations to protect the interests of the people

Gen. emphasized. Anupong on preparing for disaster situations. especially in preventing and solving problems in case an earthquake which is now a strong earthquake causes great damage in Turkey by preparing tools and equipment to speed up inspection and inspection There is an incident response drill. in high risk, medium risk and surveillance areas. or a building according to the construction law all the buildings that are about to be built and have already been built it is important to have “Construction plans” which the officers of local government organizations are kept by the governor, a sheriff who n supervising local authorities to proceed in accordance with the permitted plans. to prevent if an incident occurs can help in a timely manner Minimize the risk of loss of life and property as much as possible. which must be completed according to the “Do not neglect” law

Gen mentioned Anupong for the eradication of poverty and the sustainable development of people of all ages, for the CRD mechanism that the Ministry of Interior has a CRD structure that covers all levels. using the TPMAP database that has been implemented in all areas since September 30, 2022, emphasizing what to do from now on is to add target groups in the TPMAP from the QM THAI information provided by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Interior assigned a team to investigate further by the National Economic and Social Development Council Taking additional steps to be announced in 2023 for further action planning, but for areas where people’s households fall under the BOT criteria and are have difficulty, ask the governor to use the usual mechanism according to his authority Solve problems, alleviate suffering and appoint the sheriff to integrate with other agencies in the area, for example, in the case of elderly parents of a child being prosecuted then there is no one cares A patient is in bed We must coordinate with the team in the area to take care of “healing suffering, nourishing the happiness of the people” in accordance with the wishes of the people inside

In addition, the Gen asked. Anupong to help promote the royal initiatives of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. Department of Her Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn in growing vegetables, creating food security to make people learn that use of money to buy everything It incurs expenses But if we use our own land If you grow vegetables to eat, you won’t have to buy them. and apart from having vegetables to eat in the household Can share others too. and asked for a campaign to promote the environment by promoting a waste sorting culture, including wet waste, general waste, recyclable waste and hazardous waste Ready to use the mechanism of local volunteers to save the world (Attol.) to speed up the campaign to throw away rubbish in the rubbish dump. to make the country Public spaces are clean, beautiful and promote the preservation of a good environment in all aspects. and for water quality control It was recommended to install a waste water treatment system at the source of the house. reduce waste water discharged into public waterways and create a good environment

General Anupong finally said that the provincial governors, district chiefs and heads of all government agencies under the Ministry of Interior are determined to carry out the operation in accordance with the powers and duties that the law authorized with full power as in the aspiration “Healing suffering, nourishing happiness” in order to make people in the area have a normal life, eat well, have a good quality of life which will make Thailand a happy country sustainable happiness for people

Deputy Interior Minister Naris Khamnurak asked the provincial governor to hold a meeting of the Provincial Land Sub-Committee. (NTC. Provincial) to be more frequent, including taking care of the control of smog, forest fires and small dust particles (PM2.5) and water control. together with the Metropolitan Water Works Authority Accelerating studies that seek to reduce the costs of producing tap water. to reduce the cost burden for the people

Reporters reported that Order to inspect bases across the country Gen. Anupong in this meeting. Occurs after an investigation into Grŵp Pen Tor’s organization which is not officially registered. and may be illegal. by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of the Interior has already been reported Along with sending the matter to the Ministry of Economy and Digital Society (DES) to check the opening of the website that Is it a case of importing false and misleading information under the Computer Crime Act ?

For Grŵp Pentor Organization is one of the networks “Grŵp Pennor” which has “Pennor Group Holding” as the parent company that runs many businesses with “Inspector Sua” or Pol. Lt. Col. Wasawat Mukrasakul owns and manages through 3 key players namely Thiraphong Thongsuwan, Mr Ukrit Sitthisang and Mr Adisorn Kritsawong.


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