Matt Ryan's ankle injury adds to the strike for the hopeless obstacles - Atlanta Falcons Blog

Matt Ryan's ankle injury adds to the strike for the hopeless obstacles - Atlanta Falcons Blog

ATLANTA – Matt Ryan's event in the fourth quarter with an ankle injury affected the insult for the Atlanta Falcons.

It was intended that Sunday was the game where the offense clicked with a quick start at home and made the defense just enough to survive against Los Angeles Rams. Instead, the Browns' share was in the park from the beginning, with only three points in the first half being managed because Bacon had the fifth digit double digit this season.

It resulted in a loss of 37-10, the fifth straight at Atlanta, which added a record back to 1-6. According to Stats & Information ESPN, the 1970 Cincinnati Bengals are the only team in the Super Bowl era to start with 1-6 and make the play.

The Rams destroyed five times five times with Matt Ryan, and the last one knocked him out of the game with an ankle injury. Todd Kirkland / Getty Images

To make matters worse, candidate MVP Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks coming to the next town.

The Bacon's coach seat, the Dan Quinn seat, had a slightly warmer seat, although it seems unlikely that owner Arthur Blank will change masonason where he names the pioneering coach Raheem Morris, aggressive co-ordinator Dirk Koetter or coach tight with Mike Mularkey – all former head coaches. But you can't blame Quinn for the fact that Koetter offense took a step back against the Rams.

The play was a terrible aggressive line, which meant that Ryan was weaned five times, including the last with GP Donald Aaron Donald who resulted in an ankle injury.

The pressure on Ryan seemed to leave him off the game. He has lost a number of passports that usually connect with him. Mohamed Sanu, who was usually convinced, had fallen as a result of interception. The Browns were only 3-of-12 on the third down. They couldn't get the current game – finishing with a full 38 yard – especially when Devonta Freeman departed from spending a handful at Donald and left Ito Smith backup for head / neck injury.

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Receiver Julio Jones said a few weeks ago that the eyelashes needed an average of 21-28 points per game due to an offense. Well, they seem to have to reach 35-55 means to win these days. And that doesn't happen.

Fourth quarter breakdown: Prior to his injury, Ryan completed 16 out of 27 passes for 159 yards with no destruction, one interception (created by Sanu falling) and a QB rating of 60.6. The question now is whether Ryan will lose any games. The Seahawks are then at the Hawks then before they start playing South NFC against New Orleans. There is no sense to take the health of your QB franchise, despite the desperate periods ahead of Quinn and the Browns.

Sides Exhibition: Julio Jones-Jalen Ramsey's battle was the only thing to look at in terms of the Bacon. Ramsey spoke to Jones every time, and Jones seemed to laugh. Jones was arrested on 93 yards on nine goals, including 39 Ramsey yard reception. But Ramsey got the last laugh to the victory.

Less less: Quinn talked about pushing up this week, but the Browns did not record a sack again and only had a quarter quarter goal. Vic Beasley, who is on the trading block, had two obstacles and did not start the game. Deion Jones was in charge of the Bacon with 11, including three for loss.


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