Matterhorn, the most beautiful mountain peak Origin of the “TOBLERONE” chocolate logo

It’s almost Valentine’s Day when chocolate sells particularly well, one of them being TOBLERONE, a chocolate of Swiss origin. Which is unique in its triangular shape from the peak of a world famous mountain, the Matterhorn.

Matterhorn or The Matterhorn is not only similar to one of the symbols of Switzerland. But the majestic beauty of this peak is also a destination for travelers from all over the world who wish to visit and see the beauty with their own eyes.

Matterhorn located on the Alps The area of ​​the border between Switzerland and Italy It is a wonderful creation of the natural world through the movement of tectonic plates about 50 million years ago when there was a conflict between the continents of Africa and Europe. Until it became a majestic peak with a height of 4,478 meters that you can see today

With the characteristics of the Matterhorn is a pyramid-shaped rocky mountain. thereby making it the most beautiful peak in the middle of All the Mountains. So, there is an analogy that this peak is the crown of Switzerland. Another name for the mountain comes from the end of the name Horn, which means a horn or slightly curved pyramidal peak.

In 1865, “Edward Whymper” (Edward Whymper), a climber from England was able to conquer this peak The more it creates a reputation for people around the world to know the beauty

Then, about 40 years later, in 1908, “Theodor Tobler”, the owner of the chocolate brand created a unique chocolate bar in a triangular shape arranged in succession and invented a logo based on the Matterhorn mountain Until it became chocolate that people remembers it easily. And that is like soft power that makes the great peaks of the Swiss country. It became known to people all over the world through chocolate.


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