Mauritania.. 400 thousand voters will choose their representatives in Parliament tomorrow

announced The Commission national Independent for elections its readiness to conduct inning the second from The election Legislative and regionalism and local that Discipline its run the first day 13 from May current.

And he said speaking Basim The Commission Mohammed pious God Adham, that all procedures taken to organize run replay in conditions favorable.

And head tomorrow Saturday, I increase from four hundred aHe wrapped voter ( 412264 to centers ballot, to pick their representatives in Parliament Just, after that postponed decisiveness in role the first from elections in a number of constituencies, and adoption Relativity In what Regard By the councils Municipal and regionalism And settled it in role the first.

And sound voters in a tour replay in 1087 office, in several interruptions Bawhack scattered from country, And that on syntax the next:

state pelvis eastern will run inning the second in interrupt me Walta Wagny, And in state pelvis western, will run in boycott long (new), And in for gang will organize inning the second in boycott Crow.

As for in state Ghorgul, you will testify three interruptions from the state Procedure run second, Which Mongel and established And for a disaster1، And in state Brakna witness also three circles electoral a tour second, Which Bubba Empan pokey.

The vote will be repeated in the second half all from Etrarza and tire zumour, in my capital two states Rosso Ministers, In what It will be a state runoff Adrar in capital the state framework, In addition to boycott Ojft.

and registered state Kidimagh Larger number from circles that will run In which run second In what Regard in Parliament, Which provinces; silbaby, child yng, and Gabo, Wombo.

This is in addition to all constituencies abroad (Asia, Europe, America, Africa).


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