Mauritania.. The government distributes 65 million ounces to patients with kidney failure

Today, Saturday, the Mauritanian government distributed 65 million old ouguiyas to 1,300 patients, including 1,100 people with kidney failure, on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan.

And according to what was published by the Mauritanian News Agency (official), the distributions were carried out by the General Delegation for National Solidarity and Combating Exclusion “Tazur”, and they were at a rate of 50 thousand ounces for each patient.

The General Delegate for National Solidarity and the Fight against Exclusion, Mohamed Ali Ould Sidi Mohamed, said that these distributions came to “comfort this important segment of citizens, who suffer constantly and spend half their lives pending liquidation.”

He added that this intervention comes within the delegate’s program to help “those with serious chronic diseases and people with special needs, in line with the pledges of His Excellency the President of the Republic, aimed at improving the conditions of the most vulnerable citizens.”

He pointed out that “a share of the t’azur program will be granted to finance income-generating activities for the poorest groups of this segment,” adding that the delegate is now working to “update its social register throughout the national territory to accommodate all patients with kidney failure and the rest of those with other chronic diseases, and even people with special needs.” The delegation is able to identify patients, reach them, and integrate them into all of its future programmes.


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