Max Verstappen “I will change my feelings towards the GP F1 Japan”[]

Max Verstappen (Red Bull Racing) finished 7th in the F1 GP Singapore 2022. He said, “I will change my mind towards the GP F1 Japan.”

Points leader Max Verstappen had the potential to win the title at the F1 Singapore GP if he won, but due to a late-race lockout, he dropped to 14th at one stage, but recovered to finish 7th with the checkered flag. ■ By accepting the title, it was decided to carry the title over to the next F1 Japan GP round.

Starting from 8th on the grid, Max Verstappen ran into trouble and made a slow start. He was overtaken by his rivals and tried to fight back, but was blocked by Kevin Magnussen (Haas) and pushed into the Turn 1 run area, dropping him to 12th place.

After that, Max Verstappen, who was improving his position, was held back for more than 10 laps by the brave defense of Fernando Alonso (Alpine), an old veteran who was only 0.5 seconds ahead.

Alonso, who was complaining of engine trouble on the 21st lap, suddenly slowed down and brought the machine onto the escape route, Max Verstappen was finally freed and was 6th, behind Lando Norris ( McLaren).
Max Verstappen, who had changed to medium tires after the first pit stop, tried to attack Lando Norris, but when he was about to join, he locked up and over on the escape route. Although he returned to the race, he dropped to 8th place and went to the pits to change the tire that had a flat spot. Verstappen, who had switched to new soft tyres, joined the course in 14th place.

Max Verstappen tried to recover from that, passing Valtteri Bottas (Alfa Romeo) to move into the points, then quickly passing Pierre Gasly (AlphaTauri) and initially chasing Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes). Catching up with the DRS train led by Vettel in 7th place, it looked like Verstappen’s recovery would be over, but Hamilton, who attacked Vettel, was locked up and zoomed to the outside, and it was a profit a fisherman Max moves up to 8th. He then beat Vettel on the last lap and after a struggle he got 7th place.

“First of all, I would like to congratulate the Czech, he did a great job,” said Max Verstappen.

“It was a frustrating weekend for me. I had a bad start to the race and the anti-stall kicked in and I lost a lot of places. When I braked to pass[Norris]it hit a big bump and the car bottomed out and the tires locked.”

“I did a big flat and had to pit for new tyres, so I had to catch up from behind again. Overtaking is difficult on this circuit, especially after tires everyone was hot. So I was held back by the other cars for a period of time.” while.”

“It was good that we got some points, but it wasn’t the result we were looking for.

Immediately after the Singapore F1 GP, Max Verstappen flew to Japan on a private jet.

In the Japanese F1 GP held at Suzuka Circuit, Max Verstappen wins the second F1 World Champion at Honda’s home race if he wins + fastest lap points, regardless of the results of other drivers.

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