Max Verstappen “I’m seriously thinking about retiring from F1 at the age of 31″[]

Max Verstappen has confirmed rumors that he could retire from F1 at the age of 31. Two-time world champion Max Verstappen, now 25, has a long-term contract with Red Bull Racing until the end of 2028.

Red Bull’s Helmut Marko recently said: “If Max thinks he’s good enough after 2028, he’ll quit.” “He is the type of person who can make those types of decisions,” Verstappen said. “Yes, I’m serious about it,” Verstappen told “I know I’m very lucky to be in a Formula 1 car. I can do what I want, but at some point it doesn’t matter. I already have a lot of plans for what I want to do . “It’s also a matter of life,” explained Verstappen. “There’s more to life than Formula 1. I have a contract until 2028, let’s see what happens after that.” “I don’t want to spend my years physically best in F1 only. With more and more races, 23-24 races a year is too much.”


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