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Max Verstappen “Newey’s return to the field has a big impact” Red Bull Honda F1[F1-Gate .com]

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Red Bull Honda’s Max Verstappen expects additional benefits from Adrian Newey’s return to the scene.

Adrian Newey was injured in a bicycle fall during his vacation in Croatia and was away from the Milton Keynes drawing board and the team’s garage on the race weekend.

Adrian Newey’s return to the field was realized at the F1 Turkish Grand Prix, where the team was urgently required to improve the balance of the RB16B. Both Red Bull Honda drivers welcomed Newey’s return to the scene.

“Of course, it wasn’t ideal if it happened,” said Max Verstappen. ..

“I know it’s the effort of the whole team, but of course Adrian is the leader, and it’s always great because when Adrian comes to the track, he can exchange a lot of things and ideas.”

“I’m glad he’s back in Turkey. I’m looking forward to the rest of the season. As a team, I can try to find a little more performance.”

RB16B has regained strength at the Circuit of the Americas, Mercedes’ stronghold, and Max Verstappen, who won the F1 US Grand Prix, has widened the gap with Lewis Hamilton to 12 points.

Teammate Sergio Perez also admits that Adrian Newey’s return to the scene and standing on the pit wall has spurred the team.

“Even when I’m not here, Adrian is, of course, following what’s happening,” Sergio Perez said.

“But just welcoming him to a meeting here and chatting with him gives him really good ideas throughout the weekend.”

“He’s a very complete and understanding person. He provides great input not only in aerodynamics, but also in strategy, for example.”

“It’s great to have him. We need to take care of him so he doesn’t get involved in an accident and to make sure he’s there all year long.”

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