Max Verstappen talks about “the difference between Leclerc and Hamilton in the F1 title battle”[F1-Gate .com]

Max Verstappen feels that there is more “respect” between this year’s Red Bull Racing and Ferrari than the 2021 Mercedes F1 relationship, and his long-standing relationship and rivalry with Charles Leclerc. Explain that it is “greatly useful” for the battle.

Last year’s battle between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton / Mercedes F1 reached boiling points several times, especially including the dramatic clash at Silverstone.

Meanwhile, this season Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc were able to race relatively clean wheel-to-wheel throughout the season, and Verstappen feels overall “calm” in 2022. Says.

Asked about the difference between this season and last year, Max Verstappen said, “I don’t think it’s necessarily a difference between drivers, mainly because there was a completely different approach between the teams last year and this year, and probably again this year. There is a little more respect in between, “he explained to Channel 4.

“I think it’s a lot of help. We’ve been familiar with Charles for a long time because we’ve basically grown up together in racing, Kurt, and even F1.”

“But I always respect Lewis and I’ve always been on good terms. I’m still with him today. I know I can run into race drivers, but I know I’ll soon forget and move on. ing”

“The number of crashes with Charles in the past can now be laughed at, and racing drivers are of course looking at themselves.”

“We want to do everything we can to win the race. I think the good thing about racing is that we can quickly forget it. We’re moving on and on.”

“Fortunately, there are a lot of races for that, but I feel a little calm this year. I hope it’s going to be a great race.”

Last season, Max Verstappen was affected by the 51G when he collided with Lewis Hamilton in Cops. He reiterated his belief that the Mercedes F1 celebration at that time was inappropriate.

“Many points were lost, the car was damaged a lot, and the engine was lost,” Max Verstappen said of the aftermath of the 2021 crash at Silverstone.

“In the end, it also imposed an engine penalty, so the crash had a lot of consequences.”

“I didn’t feel very personal at the time. I didn’t like the way the teams celebrated it, and what they were saying. It wasn’t my team, it was another team.”

When asked if he had done something different, Max Verstappen commented, “I don’t think that was the case anyway. I think it’s a bit weird to celebrate that.”

“But anyway, I could talk about it forever. I don’t think it was good at the time, but it was the first opportunity to really fight for the championship, so we have it for the rest of the season. Very enthusiastic and lively in offering everything. “

“And even with that crash, we were full of energy. We rebuilt the car. We have the best mechanics and we are aiming for it again.”

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