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Max Verstappen “The mentality of Honda F1 is very different from Renault”[F1-Gate .com]

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Max Verstappen believes that the relationship between Red Bull and Honda F1 is very different from the relationship with former supplier Renault, whose team won four consecutive world championships between 2010 and 2013.

The relationship with Renault came to a disastrous end with Red Bull’s perception that it was preventing French manufacturers from challenging the title due to lack of performance and overall credibility.

While working with Honda, the situation was much better for Red Bull Racing. And Honda will withdraw from F1, but by transferring their intellectual property to Red Bull Powertrains, Red Bull will supply the chassis and engine at one site from 2022.

Max Verstappen said his years at Honda were quite different from the years the team worked at Renault.

“The relationship is different now just because we have a much more integrated job than before,” said Max Verstappen.

“It’s a completely different mentality. I’m not criticizing Renault, but it’s very different. I really enjoy working with Honda.”

Honda will support the transition of Red Bull to self-sufficiency. Red Bull builds a powertrain division and becomes a manufacturer on its own.

“Of course, we’re working hard on it now, and I’m very confident in it,” said Max Verstappen.

“Only time will show what it will be. We can’t fill it yet. Of course, Red Bull is doing everything it can to make it successful.”

Red Bull paid tribute to the withdrawal Honda F1 by running the specially colored RB16B at the F1 Turkish Grand Prix, which started on the weekend when the canceled F1 Japan GP was scheduled.

“This livery was meant to be used on the weekend of the F1 Japan Grand Prix in Suzuka, but I’m still happy to be able to run the car in Turkey,” said Max Verstappen.

“It shows how good the relationship is. It was great to see it.”

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