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Red Bull Honda F1 Max Verstappen says the introduction of a new engine in the final two races will not bring the performance gains of rival Mercedes.

The Jeddah Cornish Circuit, where the F1 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix will be held this weekend, is considered to be a power-sensitive truck due to its high-speed characteristics, and the Mercedes F1 will be equipped with a low-mileage F1 engine in Lewis Hamilton.

The F1 engine was introduced by Lewis Hamilton at the F1 Brazilian Grand Prix. Hamilton, who was disqualified from the qualifying, started the sprint qualifying from the end and moved up to 5th place, and even in the final, he started from the 10th grid and won the championship.

However, Mercedes’ F1 engine is said to lose performance as new mileage increases.

Max Verstappen says Honda’s F1 engine is much more consistent. Positive in ensuring that it stays competitive for longer periods of time, but means that there is little incentive for new engines like Lewis Hamilton got.

Asked about the possibility of replacing the tactical iron engine, Max Verstappen said, “There is no peak with a new engine like Mercedes.”

“Our engine is actually pretty consistent throughout its life, so such an engine change doesn’t bring much much.”

Red Bull F1 motorsport adviser Helmut Marko has said he could launch a new engine for Max Verstappen in the final round of the F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, but Verstappen isn’t too sure.

Asked if F1 engine replacement is done only for reliability reasons, Max Verstappen said, “Yes, but I have no doubt about it. I know what I have about the engine. And usually you should be able to achieve that with your current engine. “

Max Verstappen leads Lewis Hamilton by eight points in the remaining two races, but Hamilton has the advantage in Brazil and Qatar with two consecutive victories.

But Max Verstappen says he knows how quickly things change.

“I don’t believe in something like my own momentum,” said Max Verstappen.

“Every weekend, you have to perform well and do it from scratch.”

“I’m going to take a look this weekend, but it’s always hard to predict exactly what’s going on. Depending on what the details are, more can happen on the street circuit than on a regular circuit anyway.”

Asked whether to win both races or focus on earning the points needed to win the title, Max Verstappen said, “I’m always trying to win the race, but of course the most important thing is. You’re still at the top after Abu Dhabi. ”

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