May 21, live broadcast of SEA Games 2022 volleyball, Thai men’s team, bronze medal

21 May, live volleyball SEA Games 2022, Thai men’s team, bronze medal match with Cambodia

match report Volleyball SEA Games 2022 Today, the Thai national team in the men’s volleyball category has the final match.

after yesterday The Thai rubber ball hitter lost 2-3 hosts Vietnam national team and missed out on qualifying for the gold medal finals. Today, they have to compete. with the Cambodian national team to bring home the bronze medal

The schedule of the 2022 SEA Games men’s volleyball tournament, the bronze medal final

At 14:00, the Thai national team meets the Cambodian national team. Live channel waiting for update

Previously, in the rankings, the Thai national team turned the hell to defeat Cambodia 3-2 sets. Will Thailand repeat the victory?

Thai women’s volleyball have a competitive program Final with the host Vietnam national team tomorrow 22 May 2022 at 5 PM.

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