“May, not ready, not giving away” fan page releases Thai mod for Days Gone game. Travel with your trusty motorcycle in a world of zombie outbreaks.

Thursday, March 2, 2023, 2:08:07 PM, Indochina time

It’s time to go out in the world of zombies in the Thai version. When the fan page ” Not ready, not giving away “released Mod Thai language for the game Days Gone after a way Mud It was announced to prepare to make such Days Gone since the year. 2021 But due to a number of reasons, Mod which just had the chance to be released for official download Just a few days ago

for installation method Mod Thai language Days Gone It can be done very easily. The details are as follows.

  • download file Mod on a website of Mud on this link
  • extract the file from Folder which is loaded out is named BendGame-WindowsNoEditor_Thai-by-Artdekdok_P.pak
  • enter the program Steam > Library (game library)
  • Right click on the game Days Gone and choose a subject Properties… (feature)
  • Choose a topic. Local File then choose a topic Graze… to go to the game folder.
  • bring folder BendGame-WindowsNoEditor_Thai-by-Artdekdok_P.pak obtained from the download throw into a folder Fat of the game
  • After entering the game,Open the game to Options ready Language
  • change Text a Subtitle Text into Thai language
  • Play the game in the Thai version. Have fun

personally Mod Thai language of the game Days Gone There will be translations in every part of the game, be it conversations, UI windows, items, missions, and many others, including the text used within the dialogue which is traditionally quite fierce. in order to reach the mood of the current game

Although the last way Mud from a fan page Not ready, not giving away Having a lead player is a bit old fashioned. Mod himself to use it and then pushed out to comment in a confused and confused way until he had to pick it up and hang it in the middle of the house until these people Mud and the fans came out to share their opinion with humor

Finally, for those who are interested in the game. Days Gone can enter the game through Steam a Epic Games Or will wait for the game to be ruled out during various holidays, it can also be done. and the game is discounted up to 67% before, left the price alone 425.70 baht only


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