“May Nutthapatchara”, the 52nd Miss Thai, conveys the definition of “born again”

After opening the curtain of the Miss Thai pageant for the year 2022 until arriving at the Top 24 rounds, each of them radiating a radiant beauty who will win the 53rd Miss Thai title, can’t help but eat. Recently, the competition department has revealed the picture. “May-Nattaphat Pongpraphan” The 52nd Miss Thai in an elegant look On modern graphics convey the definition. “Revival of the Original” or “Reborn together” The main theme of this year’s Miss Thai Beauty Championships who are ready to step into a new dimension of finding beautiful women with powerful values and ingenuity (Sweet Strong Smart) is perfect in every degree in the style of a modern woman.

May-Nattapat Pongpraphan
This year, the Miss Thai contest under the management of TPN Global Company Limited (TPN GLOBAL) Leaders in organizing beauty pageants at the national level together with the Wachirawut College Alumni Association under royal patronage which has prepared a plan to transform the stage “Miss Thai” intensely into the modern era To find the 53rd Thai woman who will be a cultural and tourism ambassador as well as being a spokesperson for education, society and the environment.

May-Nattapat PongpraphanMay-Nattapat Pongpraphan
with the concept of the contest stage “Rebirth” (Revival of the Original) Uniting the universe of Miss Thai From the past that is the most popular and famous in Thailand. And it is a woman’s highest dream to set up a contest once in her life. Until the passing of the era, the popularity has declined and is gradually forgotten, so TPN GLOBAL has looked back. and intends to bring the greatness of Thai women back to being known again By combining the two eras Between the classics of the past and the technology of today, and SOCIAL MEDIA through the perspective of a MULTIVERSE presentation that will bring back the classics of the past and bring them back to life in the present.

May-Nattapat PongpraphanMay-Nattapat Pongpraphan
picture of “May-Nattaphat” that has been published It tells the story of combining the Miss Thai universe in the past and present. by reflecting the uniqueness of each era MULTIVERSE Parallel worlds that can pass through each other. The picture tells MULTIVERSE, Miss Thai in the past and present, with a focus on the past LOOKS to convey the aura of memories of the past. with the old merging with the new All of them are beautiful in their own way.

May-Nattapat PongpraphanMay-Nattapat Pongpraphan

May-Nattaphat said that “Being a Miss Thai must consist of many things that are shaped into a woman who can inspire someone. from self-discipline Knowledge of planning, responsibility and punctuality to having a positive and positive attitude It is important to set up a woman as an inspiration to many.”

May-Nattapat PongpraphanMay-Nattapat Pongpraphan
The 53rd Miss Thai must be attractive, charming (but not limited to height), intelligent, confident, innovative, and Thai. able to represent Thai women of the modern era as the wisdom of the future Being a voice for society, promoting and upgrading education for all Thais to receive basic education Through a focus on public charities, support scholarships for underprivileged children in education. as well as being a cultural and tourism ambassador

May-Nattapat PongpraphanMay-Nattapat Pongpraphan
Follow to watch the Miss Thai contest for the year 2016 broadcast live in the preliminary round. On Saturday, February 5, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. and the judging round on Sunday, February 6, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. on True4U, Channel 24, website, including the digital platform of the contest, including Facebook: @officialmissTH and Instagram: @official_missthailand and True ID application



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