Mayfield Debuts With Bucks Defensively Like Tom Brady

Baker Mayfield, former quarterback, Heiss Batting Trophy winner and three-team draft pick last year, made his debut with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Mayfield received a one-year, $8.5 million contract to take over from legendary quarterback Tom Brady, who retired last month.

He played for the first time in his illustrious career as the Cleveland Browns went 11-5 to win a wild card in 2020.

2021 began to crumble with a shoulder injury, so the Browns were traded cheaply to the Carolina Panthers.

There, she was in bad shape, which lasted until December, she had to beg the management to release her.

The LA Rams gave him a chance because Matthew Stafford was injured, but he left as a free agent at the end of his contract.

Mayfield will compete for the first hand with a softie like Kyle Trask.

He admits, “Amazing, quite a lot. There are times when you have to look in the mirror and think, ‘Okay. How is this good? What do you want to do?'” But you have to find your way back to success. If I could assess the situation and the experience I had to go through as a whole and believe in it learn from it Don’t think about the negative factors just. Try to pick up every little thing. That’s how you grow. I still believe various experiences happened for a reason. It will help me in the long run.”

Despite their overall record against the Rams, they probably lost more than they won. But the game also has two nuances. Less than 48 hours into the deal, he led the team to a comeback from 3-16 down to beat the Las Vegas Raiders 17-16, then threw for 230 yards and two touchdowns to lead the team past the Denver Broncos s 51- 14

“It’s not something I’m drawn to in my career. If I say it’s going according to plan I wouldn’t have to wear three teams in 2022, but it happened. You have to learn from it. Believe God, I have grown so much, I am grateful for everything that happened along the way. It helped me get to today. I want to race as long as I can. As long as I learn a lot along the way.”

He said that the experience gained makes a difference Knowing how to help the team Even when it doesn’t start

Mayfield admits he doesn’t know much about Tampa other than the home of the three-time Stanley Cup champions the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Although not directly guaranteed and still want a long term contract I want to measure with a chance

In the Buccaneers, at least Mayfield has the opportunity to throw the ball to Two thousand-yard outside wings, Mike Evans and Chris Godwin, and the defensive game is solid under coach Todd Bowles.

He said he would give it his best since an offseason program to learn the offensive game under Dave Canales, who also took the job recently.

Former Panthers coach Steve Wilkes praised Mayfield for his professionalism.

Now comes the important question. Can you follow in the footsteps of seven-time Super Bowl champion Brady, who led the Bucks to the playoffs three years in a row and won the 2020 championship?

“Listen, I’m never like Tom Brady. There’s a reason he’s won so many Super Bowls. He’s the best ever. No doubt I’m not trying to be like Tom. I’ll be myself That’s what got me to here. we will be different But what makes this league so special is that everyone has their individuality.”

– The Houston Texans continue to try to improve the team. Two one-year free agent signings with winger Dolton Schultz and running back Devin Singletary.

Schultz received $9 million for one year and $3.75 million for the single.

Schultz, 26, will start with Jordan Eakins moving to the Cleveland Browns and OJ Howard moving to the Las Vegas Raiders.

He is out of contract with the Dallas Cowboys after playing as a franchise player for $10.9 million last season.

From never getting injured to having to take a break from running Back in two games with a knee injury, totaled 57 receptions for 577 yards and five touchdowns.

In the league, it’s just Travis Kelsey, Mark Andrews and TJ Hockenson. Who is an inside winger and has received at least 50 times for 500 yards over three seasons.

Schultz, who was drafted in the fourth round in 2018, was the starting pick in 2020. Quarterback Dag Prescott

Soon after, he is fifth among the Cowboys with 211 receptions and at least two receiving touchdowns in four games, trailing only Jason Whitten and Billy Joe Dupre.

As for Singletary, the mission will be shared with the original Damien Pierce.

Over the last three years, he has been with the Buffalo Bills, collecting at least 950 yards per season throughout his career, with 1099 yards last season being a career best.

Another highlight is playing the regular season and playoffs for the Bills every game.

Former 2019 third round pick, just 25 years old

His career totals were 3151 rushing yards and 145 receptions for 971 yards.

Younger Ball hopes to return to help the Hornets next season.

Charlotte Hornets point guard Lamelo Ball expects to return to training camp in September after experiencing chronic pain throughout the 2022-23 season, including a triple sprained left ankle and a broken right ankle. n he had to finish, playing only 36 games in total.

“Terrible” ball. Admittedly, “Going through these things non-stop is very frustrating. But I’m still not dead with these things Too angry, it’s not right Try to get better physically. follow the steps to return to the top.”

Now he still had to wear walking boots and use a cane. speaking to the media First time since right ankle surgery on April 1

Originally, the Hornets had high hopes. It started to be unlucky since Miles Bridges beat his own wife until he almost went to jail. And the team did not dare to sign a contract as well

Other good players are often injured, apart from Ball there are Gordon Hayward, Cody Martin and Kelly Ubre.

When on the court, it must be considered that Ball is in very good form, with the best average performance in his career. They are both scoring (23.3), assisting (8.3) and shooting threes down 37.6%.

The Hornets are currently a sluggish 23-50, fourth worst in the league, and have missed the final seven years in a row.

His brother Lonzo Ball, who is with the Bulls, is even worse. Sorry I haven’t competed for more than a year and a half. Had to have surgery to replace the left knee disc. This is the third time in over a year.



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