Mazda packs a lot of promotions “The 38th Motor Expo”

Mazda (Mazda) continues the big event to end the year Motor Expo highlighting the highlight with the latest SUV New Mazda CX-3 (New Mazda CX-3) comes with a trend. Futuristic new color with platinum quartz gives a sporty look. Premium in every view, responding to every experience in your own way with the superior driving performance of the 2.0 liter SKYACTIV engine, adding more complete comfort options. Bring an army of crossovers, SUVs, and passenger cars of all models to be displayed in a full area. with the hottest deals of the year with as low as 0% interest1 Free 1st class insurance Mazda Premium Insurance2 Free Mazda Care Program 3 years3 Extend the quality warranty to 5 years or 150,000 km.4 Interested customers can visit And experience all Mazda models at the Mazda booth, Challenger Hall, Impact Muang Thong Thani during December 1-12, 2021 or at Mazda showrooms nationwide.

Chanchai Trakarnudomsuk, President of Mazda Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said that under the current COVID-19 situation, As a result, the marketing promotion activities have to be postponed. Therefore, the Motor Expo has become an important color at the end of the year that everyone has been waiting for. Especially the carmakers are bringing new cars. Mazda has introduced three new models in the past, especially the Mazda Family SUV, namely the Mazda CX-5. ) Mazda CX-8 (Mazda CX-8) is currently a success. from pricing strategy Product positioning to be more targeted Therefore, it has become a model that fulfills the lives of customers to be more perfect. Another latest model with a crossover, the youngest New Mazda CX-3, a new SUV that is worth more. The launch of these models makes the CX-Series (CX-Series) complete. And covering more customer groups, which Mazda has exhibited is a special highlight of this event. Those who come to visit the fair should not miss it in all respects.

The new Mazda CX-3 comes with the introduction of a new futuristic color trend for the first time in Thailand, with Platinum Quartz Bronze that expresses a premium, outstanding style that truly reflects the unique identity of the driver, which Mazda believes. that this new color will create a new trend in the automotive industry Becoming one of the signature colors that customers love. In addition, the CX-3 has been updated to be modern to meet the independent lifestyle of the digital society. Provides versatility in all-round use With a wireless charger, Wireless Charger supports Wireless Apple Car Play system with powerful performance. Save fuel with a 2.0 liter SKYACTIVE petrol engine, each model has options that meet the needs of customers. with a starting price of only 769,000 baht with a special promotion 1.33% interest1 and free 1st class insurance Mazda Premium Insurance for 1 year2 let customers catch Reserve the owner of this event.

Tee Permpongpan Senior Executive Vice President Mazda Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd. said that in addition to the new crossover car, which is the highlight of the event, Mazda has also brought a car to display for customers to choose from, all models. Along with offering many great special offers throughout the event Interested customers can find all models of SKYACTIV vehicles at the Mazda booth at the Motor Expo, Challenger 1-3, Impact Muang Thong Thani during December 1-12, 2021 or Go to a Mazda showroom near your home across the country. Especially the special campaign that Mazda brings to customers with the best value in the year. combined with outstanding features powerful performance cutting edge technology complete facilities world-class security Including elegant design, believe that every Mazda model, every car will be able to meet the needs of customers in every group. and to stimulate the economy during the last curve of this year, consisting of

  • New Mazda2 (New Mazda 2) a small car, but the quality is tight, luxurious, sporty, premium, selected with quality materials, meticulous, meticulous in every detail. exterior design And the interior is luxurious, elegant, outstanding and unique. Comes with 2 body types, 2 styles, both 4-door sedan and 5-door hatchback, starting price 546,000 baht, with special promotions, 0% interest1 Free 1st class insurance Mazda Premium Insurance 1 year2
  • All-New Mazda3 (Mazda 3) The prototype of elegance. elegant in every aspect Guaranteed the best from world-class design work, World Car Design of The Year 2020, starting price 969,000 baht, with special offer 0 % interest1 Free 1st class insurance Mazda Premium Insurance 1 year2
  • All-New Mazda CX-30 (New Mazda CX-30) is elegant with a design based on the Kodo Design concept, simple but beautiful, the owner of the Best Car of the Year 2020 award from the Thai Automobile and Motorcycle Journalists Association and is ranked in the Top 3 World. Car of The Year 2020 starting price 989,000 baht with 0% interest offer1 Free 1st class insurance Mazda Premium Insurance 1 year2 which is the same offer as the special edition 100th Anniversary Edition
  • New Mazda CX-5, the new crossover model, “Happy power that excites every path” fulfills life to be the best Enjoy life in every way day with family Delivering an advanced driving experience, adding technology and more options, but starting at only 1,320,000 baht, with an offer of 99% interest1 Free 1st class insurance Mazda Premium Insurance 1 year2 Mazda Care Program 3 years3
  • New Mazda CX-8 “Every Moment…Infinite Value” continues to be a premium SUV with 3-row, 7-seat, 3-row, 6-seat layout, the only one in the market sold in Thailand. Available in both gasoline and clean diesel engines with a starting price of only 1,499,000 baht with an offer of 99% interest1 Free 1st class insurance Mazda Premium Insurance 1 year2 Free Mazda Care Program 3 years3
  • All-New Mazda BT-50 (New Mazda BT-50) new pickup SUV style. that combines the best features of pickup trucks into one, starting price 553,000 baht, with special packages to make it easier to own, both at 2.19% interest5 or 2.39%6 Free 1st class insurance Mazda Premium Insurance 1 year2
  • Mazda MX-5 (Mazda MX-5) The world’s best-selling sports roadster. The iconic brand of Mazda, the legend of driving fun. Electrically open roof Satisfying the needs of Mazda fans who are unique. With a selling price of 2,905,000 baht, with a free offer of 1st class insurance, Mazda Premium Insurance for 1 year1 Extend the quality warranty to 5 years or 150,000 km.4

In addition, Mazda has also organized a campaign Mazda Expo 2021, the year-end car exhibition, offering Motor Expo offers to customers who reserve a new car at Mazda showrooms between December 1-12, 2021, whether the interest is as low as 0%.7, free 1st class insurance Mazda Premium Insurance7 Get free special premium items when booking and leaving the car within December 31, 2021, including:

  • The first 400 customers who reserve 3,000 baht to buy a Mazda2 and Mazda BT-50 will receive a free Eloop EW35 Wireless Fast Charging Power Bank (Wireless Charger of Eloop EW35) valued at 690 baht.
  • The first 600 customers who reserve 5,000 baht to buy a Mazda CX-5 and Mazda CX-8 get a free car air purifier Sharp (Sharp) model IG-GC2B/N (IG-GC 2 B/N). Value 2,990 baht
  • The first 400 customers who reserve 5,000 baht to buy a Mazda3, Mazda CX-3 and Mazda CX-30 will receive a free Philips Lighting UV-C Disinfection Mini Box (Philips Lighting UV-C) valued 1,590 baht

and meet Mazda Expo 2021, the car inspection fair before the end of the year for peace of mind in all directions Between 1-31 December 2021 at Mazda service centers, whether free 20 items of car checks8, get a free fuel card 1,000 baht when purchasing a car warranty extension program9 0% installment for up to 10 months on all products and services10 Buy 4 new tires, get a maximum discount of 1,200 baht.11


125% down payment, 48 months installment for New Mazda2, New Mazda CX-3, All-New Mazda CX-30 100th Anniversary Edi tion, New Mazda CX-5 and New Mazda CX-8 all models

For All-New Mazda3, down payment 25%, installment for 60 months, only 2.0 SP (2.0 SP), 2.0 SP Sports (2.0 SP Sports) price 1,198,000 baht and All-New Mazda CX-30 down payment. 25 %, installment for 54 months, only model 2.0 SP, price 1,199,000 baht

2Insurance companies participating in the project are (1) Viriyah Insurance Plc. (2) Thanachart Insurance Plc. (3) Thaivivat Insurance Plc. (4) Dhipaya Insurance Plc.

3 Mazda Care Program 3 years or 60,000 km mileage (whichever comes first)

4Extend quality warranty to 5 years or 150,000 km (whichever comes first) according to Mazda Added Protection program conditions

525% down payment, 48 months installment, only Double Cab model (Double Narrow)

625% down payment, 48 months installment, only Freestyle Cab (Narrow Freestyle) and Standard Cab (Narrow Standard)

7Conditions are as specified by the company. More details at

820 free checks according to the conditions of the Department of Land Transport’s “Free Car Check, Safe Driving” activity

9Receive a fuel card worth 1,000 baht when purchasing a car warranty extension program application approval From 1-31 Dec 2021, cannot change to other discounts. or cash

10Please check the types of products, services and conditions of participating credit cards at the service point before making the transaction every time.

11tire price Including removal-inserting labor cost, lead fee, and rubber air plugs with normal tire inflation when purchasing 4 tires

additional conditions:

  • Terms and conditions for credit approval are in accordance with the requirements of TISCO Bank Public Company Limited and TMB Thanachart Bank only.
  • Such offer is for hire-purchasers who have been approved under the conditions of TISCO TMB Thanachart Bank Plc., who reserve and leave the car within 1-31 December 2021 only.


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