Mbappe died after seeing Neymar’s goal; The video went viral

‘Mbappe succeeded’ after seeing Neymar’s goal; The video went viral

French club PSG drew with Reims in Monday’s game. Reims’ goal with just seconds to go cost PSG two valuable points.

PS was on the goal scored by Neymar. G took the lead in the game. Neymar, who is said to be unable to return to his old form after the World Cup, performed well in the match against Reims.

Not only did Neymar score a goal, but Messi and Mbappe also passed the ball to Messi and Mbappe to score several times. But Messi and Mbappe failed to convert those chances into goals.

Following this, Messi and Mbappe were heavily criticized on social media.
But one of Neymar’s pre-match goals and Mbappe’s reaction to it is now viral on social media.

The incident happened during a training session between the two. While the players were practicing on the ground, Neymar fired a shot from outside the box into the net.

Mbappe can be seen in the video looking at this.
Many football fans are sharing this video on social media and having discussions about it.

The main issue that arises in the discussion is the lack of harmony between Mbappé and Neymar.
At the same time, PSG lost the chance to continue their clear lead at the top of the league table as they had to settle for a draw.

On February 2, PS will play against Mondpellier. G’s next game.
The club also have a French Cup derby against arch-rivals Marseille on February 9.

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