Mbappé’s personality shines through; Neymar is convinced of many things; PSG to explode?


Mbappé’s personality shines through; Neymar is convinced of many things; PSG to explode?

According to reports, Neymar is convinced that superstar Kylian Mbappe asked the team to kick him out of PSG last summer. There were earlier reports that Mbappé pulled many strings in the team management to get Neymar out.

As reported by El Equipe, the team’s sporting director, Luis Campos, had offered Neymar to Manchester City. But City captain Pep Guardiola was not interested in the move, so Neymar stayed at the Parc des Princes.

According to emerging reports, Neymar is clear that Mbappe pressured him inside the club to sack him.

There are also reports that Neymar, who joined the team after the holidays, is not close to Mbappe.

It is considered that Mbappe’s ego that he will lose his importance in the star team is the cause of all the problems at PSG. Mbappe’s ego also grew when Messi joined PSG in 2021.

Mbappé cannot have a good relationship with his teammates even when he continues to perform well on the pitch. Mbappe tries to use his unique power at the club at every opportunity.

Meanwhile, Mbappe has renewed his contract with PSG. The actor did not just renew the contract, but agreed to renew the contract after presenting many conditions.

One of the key terms that Mbappe has introduced is the need for sporting decision-making powers. So many players may be out through the transfer window.

Many reports indicate that Neymar’s name is also included in this list.

According to the reports, the discomfort that arose between the two is the reason for Neymar to open the way out of PSG.

However, apart from Neymar, there are reports that Mbappe has made special decisions to offload Ander Herrera, Mauro Icardi, and Julian Draxler.

At the moment, these three players are playing at other clubs on loan. Herrera currently plays for Athletic Club, Icardi for Galatasaray and Draxer for Benfica.

According to reports, Mbappe is behind all these moves.

But as they return after the loan spell, it remains to be seen whether Mbappe will be able to secure his permanent departure in the upcoming transfer window.

Content Highlights: Reports say Neymar has convinced Kylian Mbappe to ask PSG to sell him

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