MBC ‘Kim Gun-hee Transcript Follow-up Report’ in the preview… National power “guarantee the right to objection”

When MBC announced a follow-up report on the transcript of a phone call recorded by Kim Kun-hee, the spouse of presidential candidate Yoon Seok-yeol, the people’s power countered, “Guarantee the right to object.”

The Public Affairs Bureau of the People’s Power Election Countermeasures Headquarters issued a statement on the 18th and said, “MBC has foretold a follow-up report using illegal recording files.” It is impossible for CEO Kim Kun-hee, who was secretly recorded, to exercise even the minimum right to object.”

The public affairs ministry said, “Before the January 16th straight broadcast, we urged the production team to guarantee the actual right to objection, and requested in writing to provide the gist of the remarks and the direction of the report. However, MBC ignored this request and pushed ahead with the broadcast on January 16.”

He continued, “Among the requests for specific counterarguments from the predecessor headquarters’ public affairs committee, only a small portion were arbitrarily edited and broadcast in a very small proportion. He deliberately neutralized the injunction decision according to the legal system, such as by disclosing President Kim’s remarks.”

He added, “In order to guarantee the right to objection, at least we need to tell them what the coverage is and what the problem is. Only then can we explain the specific context of the conversation.”

The official said, “I make a last request. Regarding the follow-up broadcast planned for January 23, according to the way the media usually reports, please inform the public affairs team of the fleet headquarters in writing the gist of your remarks and the direction of the coverage, and we will respond in writing.”

Meanwhile, MBC’s ‘Straight’ plans to continue reporting on Kim Gun-hee’s transcript through the broadcast on the 23rd.

Song Young-min, reporter for [email protected]



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