MBC Lee Kyung-gyu’s ‘Achievement Award’ means going out… ‘Crazy guy’ feeling due to rejection [미운우리새끼]

[마이데일리 = 김나라 기자] In ‘My Little Old Boy’, comedian Lee Kyung-gyu talked about his thoughts on winning the subject.

In the 328th episode of SBS’s ‘My Little Old Boy’, broadcast on the afternoon of the 29th, the ‘godfather of entertainment’ Lee Kyung-gyu appeared as a special guest.

Lee Kyung-gyu won the Achievement Award at the ‘2022 MBC Entertainment Awards’ last year, “Many people say, ‘Leave when you clap. ‘It’s crazy. Why do you leave when you ‘clap, I’ll be active until then”, which attracted a lot of attention.

Regarding this, Lee Kyung-kyu said, “The achievement award is usually an award that asks you to leave. It meant, ‘This is asking me to leave? I won’t be able to leave.’

[사진 = SBS ‘미운 우리 새끼’ 캡처]

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