“Mc Jeans” aims to put the flag of “MC OUTLET” at 70 locations within the year 65 after good response, sales doubled.

“Mc Jeans” aims to put the flag of “MC OUTLET” at 70 locations within the year 65 after good response, sales doubled.

Mr. James Richard Amatavivat, Chief Executive Officer, Mc Group Public Company Limited or “Mc”, a retail business Fashion and lifestyle products category revealed at Opportunity Day that it has laid down a business strategy for the next 12-18 months in many areas, including generating revenue growth. Maintaining the same or better margin levels, as well as reducing promotions to create a clear brand. Upgrading both offline and online distribution channels, including other management to be more efficient It has a 360-degree cost-cutting goal in order to grow the company’s performance. able to continuously pay dividends to shareholders

One of the strategies and an important key is the gradual opening of “MC OUTLET” which is located in PTT Station of OR to complete 70 locations in 2022 after has opened the first branch in Wang Noi last october and opened more in Saraburi which has been very well received The sales per branch increased by 2 times as it was in line with the behavior of Thai people who mainly travel in Thailand. In addition, almost 100 percent of Mac Jeans’ sales and revenue is based on the domestic economy. Therefore, when the government opens the country Purchasing power and economic recovery also support the company’s business.
“Advantages of opening MC OUTLET in OR PTT Station even though the country has a lockdown But shopping at gas stations is not closed. And the behavior of Thai people is spending more time in gas stations. because the gas station has developed into a lifestyle Community Mall for people in the community causing people in the community not to travel to the mall but will choose to come to a gas station instead because there is a complete service and MC OUTLET is a shop that has gained interest,” said Mr. James Richard.

As for the outlook for the year’s performance for the year 64/22 (Jul. ’21 – Jun.’20) will be better than the year’s period in the year 63/21 due to the sales recovery. after loosening the lockdown with good sales growth from all channels While its financial position is strong, with more than 1.8 billion baht in cash on hand and no debt, it is an opportunity for the company to look for merger deals that will support its core business. Currently in negotiations and continually considered especially in businesses that enhance the supply chain. Or it may be a new business that is not related to the old business. which the company has chosen to invest in order to get the most worthwhile thing
for the problem of the price of cotton raw materials The rise will not affect the company’s costs during this period because it has already been purchased in advance until June 2022, while the new strain of covid “Omicron” must be closely monitored.


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