“McDonald’s” surpassed 30% growth in COVID-19, raising EotF innovation to boost sales

Daily Manager 360- McDonald’s launches new boss, first woman to move on, revealing 30% growth in first half of year, traffic returned, opening 4 main strategies to drive business through Covid Confident this year will grow 21 %

Ms. Kittiwan Anuvechsakul, Executive Chairman of McThai Co., Ltd. (McThai’s first female senior executive She held her position at the beginning of 2022, revealed that the business value of all restaurants in Thailand in 2021 was 3.6 billion baht, a decrease of 11% from the previous year, which was valued at 404 billion baht due to the COVID situation – 19. The restaurant was constrained by various measures, including a decline in consumer purchasing power. However, McDonald’s was able to overcome obstacles. From the affected sales in 2021, it turned back to be more resilient. and continue to grow This is obviously satisfactory. In the first half of 2022, this growth is 30% and this year a total sales growth of 21% is expected, while the total market for burgers is around 9 billion baht (2019 numbers) .

“McDonald’s revenue growth and customer traffic have now returned to average pre-COVID levels. especially last July The foreign tourist market has started to return. This year, from the known information, it is estimated that around 6 million people come to Thailand. Next year, it is estimated that there will be 10 million people, which will have a positive impact on the overall business.”

The factors that make McDonald’s grow are

1. 3D Growth (Delivery, Drive-thru and Digital) to increase service channels. Especially during the Covid-19 period, such as food delivery services (Delivery), Drive Thru services. In 2021, the delivery business grew 232% and the drive-thru business grew 34% from 2019. Before the COVID-19 situation the drive-thru revenue is now 20%, the delivery is 40% and the dine-in is 60 %.

2. Create a Value Menu (Menu and Value), McDonald’s has menus in the EVM-Extra Value Meal and McSaver groups.

3. Create a modern experience for customers Through the design of the new store and the renovation of the old store This year, there will be around 20 new branches.

The main business strategy from this is

  1. Improving the supply of good quality food with the highest safety (Food Quality and Safety)

The basic focus of the brand value is QSC : Quality is the quality of the food that meets McDonald’s standards, Service is fast, warm and friendly service, and Cleanliness is cleanliness and hygiene In Quality, we are starting to Establish a Digital Food Safety system for use in McDonald’s stores. Check the quality of the food to ensure it is of good quality in accordance with McDonald’s global standards. This is the first time for restaurants in Thailand to use cloud technology and IoT (Internet of Things) to collect and process food safety data, which will be applied to all branches within the current year Ban has implemented 87 branches.

2.Creating delicious meals Easy access and value for all (Menu Innovation and Brand Affordability)

Use innovation to develop the main menu and the new menu to be of good quality, delicious taste, and very different from other brands. Making McDonald’s food accessible to all customer groups. through reasonable pricing and attractive promotions To make customers feel more value for money (Value for Money) “We want to be a brand that works. By helping our customers and understanding our customers, we offer solutions that will meet their needs.

In fact, that’s the introduction of the Value Set, Happy Everyday, 99 baht, which allows customers to choose from 4 popular burgers, which come with French fries. and soft drink The aim is that this campaign will help attract 3 times more customers to the shop than before.

3. Improve the modern customer experience with new innovations. (EotF-Experience of the Future) better than all QSR restaurant brands

Creating the most impressive experience for customers today What customers expect from a restaurant is more than just delicious food, good service, and a favorable price. “We want to be a business leader that brings a modern experience to our customers. It is better than all QSR restaurant brands by emphasizing table service and having a GEL – Guest Experience Leader as an assistant to serve every customer in the restaurant. We have also used various technologies. Customer facilitation such as self-service food ordering machines (Self-Ordering Kiosk: SOK) and cashless payment service. In addition, McDonald’s is also opening new stores and refurbishing existing stores with the Alphabet concept which emphasizes sustainability, simplicity, warmth and modernity. to make customers feel relaxed Reach more brands It also has modern facilities such as electrical outlets and free WiFi, as well as designing the bathroom to look beautiful, clean, airy and pleasant to use . “

4. Digital strengthening and connecting all platforms (Digital Transformation and Omnichannel)
Continue to grow 3D – Delivery, Drive Thru and Digital and create an Omnichannel that connects all platforms, whether it’s lunch in the restaurant. Take out service Drive-thru service McDelivery food delivery service Food delivery services from different partners and the use of special privileges from McDonald’s request to increase convenience for customers. and create a seamless experience of using the service to meet the behavior and needs of today’s users

In addition, in the dimension of social responsibility since 2001 For over 21 years, McThai has been the main sponsor of the Ronald McDonald House Thailand Foundation. In 2022, McThai continues to carry out social activities through 3 projects. The principals include House Ronald McDonald for pediatric families, the Ronald McDonald Children’s Playhouse and the Ronald McDonald Mobility Service.

For the CEO, the new female leader with business experience. and marketing for more than 25 years from the beginning of the advertising industry Marketing veteran and has been associated with McDonald’s Thailand for a long time By starting to be in the McThai family since the days of Det Bulsuk, the founder of McDonald’s in Thailand. before becoming the managing director of an advertising company And he was a marketing consultant for more than 7 years, then he returned to the McThai family again as a consultant. To date, he has been appointed Executive Chairman. Willing to take the initiative to drive the first class QSR brand to become the leader of the QSR brand in Thailand, focusing on participative management. Under the corporate culture that is ready to move forward to success

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