McLaren F1 and Gulf colors are very popular, but “special colors are not customary”[F1-Gate .com]

Zak Brown, CEO of McLaren F1, said the special livery is limited and the team will maintain its “identity”.

This season, the McLaren F1 was well received for its one-off special livery. In particular, the “Gulf Color”, which celebrated the resurrection with its former partner Gulf at the F1 Monaco Grand Prix, received high praise from fans all over the world.

McLaren F1 will also show off a one-time special livery at the final round F1 Abu Dhabi GP. Colorings designed by UAE-based artists in collaboration with other sponsors received praise.

The reaction to those designs was broadly positive, but Zak Brown says he wouldn’t make them customary for a variety of reasons.

“The fan reaction was great. I was able to do it in a very limited way and I think it was the right balance,” Zak Brown told GP Fans.

“We want to maintain our identity and make the special coloring special, because if we go all the time, we lose the special feeling.”

“It was sponsor-led, as was the case with Gulf. It’s not necessarily sponsor-led. I think it gives some energy and a great message.”

“In the case of Abu Dhabi, being a female artist in the region, it was a great way to get attention to different topics.”

“Of course, the fans are supporting us and there are so many Gulf caps and shirts out there that it’s great for fan engagement. Everyone voted in favor and enthusiastically voted. “

Zak Brown does not want the McLaren F1 to completely discontinue such a special design, but rather keep it as a one-off to ensure its uniqueness in the race in which they are used. I believe.

“That’s what we want to do. We’ll continue to do it, but not often. If that happens, we’ll lose our identity and that special feeling.”

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