McLaren F1 rep explains Mercedes’ “pod zero” failure factor[]

McLaren F1 team boss Andrea Stella has explained why Mercedes’ F1 “zero pod” concept has long been doomed to failure. For testing ahead of the 2022 season, Mercedes has unveiled the W13 with minimal sidepods, unlike the thick sidepods used elsewhere on the grid.

After other teams abandoned the idea, Mercedes stuck with that philosophy and carried it over to their car in 2023, but it quickly backed off and the more orthodox W14 appeared at the Monaco Grand Prix. The teams lean towards Red Bull’s wide side thumbs, which push air towards the floor and diffuser, and Stella explained why this wash is so important. When asked why laundry is so important, Stella told the media: “I wouldn’t just say laundry, I would say the main concept is the wide sides which interact very well with the floor. ” He said. “Side pods are like miniskirts, and aerodynamically, the wide side pods help draw air into the floor.” “This concept is essential in order to raise the level and reduce the load on the car.” I hope we get it. ” Stella also explains how important aerodynamics are to modern F1 racing, and how even what used to be mechanical parts are now used for aerodynamic purposes. “A mechanical element like the suspension design is aerodynamically effective,” added Stella. “It is very difficult to create a performance advantage just because the suspension is better and the tires work better,” he said. This is not because of the basic design of the car. the design of the front wing, the area around the front tires, and the design of the floor


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