McLaren F1 representative “The new contract does not mean that Norris is number one”[F1-Gate .com]

Andreas Saidle, McLaren F1 team representative, says that just because he has signed a new long-term, high-paying deal doesn’t mean that Lando Norris has jumped into the team’s “number one driver” status. ..

22-year-old Lando Norris signs a new four-year contract from 2022 to 2025. It is reported that his annual salary has also increased significantly enough to be ranked in the top 3 among all drivers.

Lando Norris will continue to team up with Daniel Ricciardo in 2022. Ricardo, who was Max Verstappen’s teammate at Red Bull, was an experienced driver with eight wins and was expected to pull McLaren.

Asked how the new Lando Norris deal would change the situation within the team, Andreas Seidl commented, “If you want to know if McLaren has the number one driver, my answer is no.”

“My job is to have both drivers have equal opportunities and compete with each other, along with the whole team.”

However, Andreas Seidl says that, as has always been the case, 2021 proved that Lando Norris in particular was a driver who could win pole position and compete for victory.

“Of course, we wanted to keep such a driver in McLaren for as long as possible,” added Andreas Saidle.

“Also, over the last three years, Rand has seen McLaren as a great brand ambassador, which was also very important.”

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