Me..Shafi..Rahul..; This belt went to see the game’; Balram says it’s not a cough VT Balram | Shafi Parambil Congress | Youth Congress

The number of people cheering on the trolley looking for Argentina fans has been increasing dramatically in the last hour. VT Balram was the first to troll by sharing the photo of Youth Congress leaders who went to Qatar to watch the match in person. Balram shared a picture of Shafi standing in the stadium with the youth leaders and said ‘Nah… chummatalla’. Shafi’s reply came after that, ‘Numma ‘Ara’ is the same bhai..’

TN Prathapan MP, who jumped when Messi scored the first goal, is now getting trolls. Pratapan replied, ‘A lion does not retreat because it is afraid, but to jump. We will come back..’ Unnithan is rhetorical, if so, he will have to go back soon. So Messi, Pileri and pro-committees are trolling in cyberspace.

Qatar’s World Cup debut on behalf of Saudi Arabia brought tears to the eyes of Argentina, who came with the goal of a title to complete the career of the legendary Lionel Messi. Saudi Arabia’s legendary victory at the Lusail Stadium brought tears to the eyes of millions of fans who couldn’t wait to see the Argentine chariot race in the Qatar World Cup. Saudi Arabia, who were trailing in the first half due to Lionel Messi’s penalty goal, scored two goals in five minutes at the start of the second half to win. After that, Saudi won the victory by resisting the aggressive attacks of Argentina.

After trailing by one goal in the first half, Saudi Arabia shocked Argentina by scoring two goals in five minutes in the second half. Salah Al Shehri (48) and Salem Al Dawsari (53) scored for Saudi. In the 10th minute of the first half, superstar Lionel Messi scored Argentina’s goal from a penalty kick.

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