Media ban in church; News organized and organized by: Speaker | MB Rajesh | Manoramanews | speaker | Breaking News

The Speaker said that the news of media ban in the Assembly was organized and planned. It was realized that some journalists were barred from going to the ministers’ office.

Convinced, he immediately intervened and resolved the matter. Church proceedings are broadcast on Church TV. It is a mystery that the camera should be allowed. Sabha TV did not show the ruling and opposition protests in the Assembly.

Church TV only shows church proceedings. He was not shown because the opposition leader did not ask for Mike.

It is the rule of the church that placards and banners should not be displayed in the church. If something happens that is not allowed in the church, it cannot be shown. Some media outlets filmed church scenes using mobile phones. This is a violation of the rights of the church. The matter will be investigated. The Speaker also explained that members of the House should not film the scenes using their phones.

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