Media Fund joins Korea to push big creative media projects

There is a discussion between Mr. Woong-jin Park, representative of the Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) in Thailand, and Dr.Thanakorn Srisuksai Safe and Creative Media Development Fund (TMF) Manager on January 27, 2022, making more confident that the waymedia fund He will soon be able to launch a creative media project in a cultural dimension

Dr. Thanakorn said that this discussion Preparation for Content Expo, drama series and other cultural dimensions. which is from an exchange of talks this time and travel to make a memorandum of agreement in South Korea at the end of last year make sure It is not too long to wait for the media fund to be able to launch good projects for sure because every story has definite progress.

Previously, in November 2022 media fund Mr. Thanakorn has signed a memorandum of understanding on promoting the production, access and use of safe and creative media with KOCCA or the Digital Content Industry Promotion Organization. under the support of the South Korean government in Seoul South Korea

the purpose of the visit to promote learning and share experiences in the field of production management technology production media technology promoting access and making use of safe and creative media Encourage the production of safe and creative media together. The duration of the cooperation is 3 years.

Dr Thanakorn visited KOCCA last year together with Mr Chatchai Pitiluck, Mr Vice President Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa) and representatives from SHIN-A Group visited CKL Business Center and KOCCA Education Service Centre, a learning centre. Improving the skills of personnel in the industrydigitalContent through online platforms and on-site courses from domestic and international speakers to create content creators.

of the visit and having signed the cooperation at that fund therefore aims to push forward the projects under such collaboration to be successful and benefits Especially the production of safe and creative media jointly between the two agencies.

The role of South Korea’s KOCCA is to regulate the protection of intellectual property. technology development Supporting private sectors, especially small businesses in cultural business as well as co-investing, lending, renting cheap studios Supporting the expansion of the cultural market to foreign countries. Currently, South Korea is a country that can export culture to the world.

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