Media player for Mac reminiscent of classic iTunes released-iPhone Mania

Music MiniPlayer

Mac version until obsolete in 2019iTunesOffers a variety of features in one app, including Apple Music, TV shows and movies, and podcasts. The most convenient function was the media player, but the interface of the same function was reproduced.Music MiniPlayerHas been released.

Music app interface

Developer Mario Gusman’s new app “Music MiniPlayerIs a classic for MacReproduce the design of iTunes 10 Mini PlayerButSome modern ingenuityHas been added.

Music Mini Player is built into macOS, not the music player itselfA separate utility app that interfaces with the Music appIt is said that.

Music MiniPlayer is built using the Core Graphics and Core Animation frameworks.iTunes 10 Mini Player perfectly reproduces pixel by pixelIt has been.

You can use the same controls as the original player, such as play / pause buttons, song forward / backward buttons, scrubbers, and details of the song / album / artist being played.

Quick access to all playlists

Music Mini Player is different from iTunes 10Quick access to all playlistsIt is a point. This means that you can quickly browse the entire playlist collection, select shuffle and repeat options, and start playing without using the Music app.

again,Can be displayed above other windowsIs also one of the useful functions. The app is available for free download from Gusman’s website.

Source:Mario Guzman via 9to5Mac

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