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Media: The Football Association approves the “seaport” is difficult to break away from the double standard, questioning this practice should be people_neutralization

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Original Title: Media: The Football Association Approved the “Harbour” to be difficult to break away from the double standard and questioned this approach

At the meeting of the new marshals of the seaport, the word “harbour” appeared for the first time on the official occasion of the club.

The Super League’s problems are more serious than expected. Suning, renamed the Jiangsu team, and TEDA, renamed the Jinmen Tigers, are more likely to disband or withdraw. Where is the problem?

There are no plans to reduce costs and operate on a small scale, and they just want to withdraw. This shows that Suning and TEDA are extremely pessimistic about the football industry. Originally, the club was still an advertising vehicle. Now the club name is neutralized, and even the advertising attributes have been eliminated. These companies don’t want to engage in it, and there is one more reason.

Can the neutralization of the club name be regarded as the last straw to crush the camel? Yes, but not necessary.

To a certain extent, these investors decided to withdraw, and the team came to an end, which just proved the importance of independent operation of the club. The neutralization of the club name is conducive to independent operation of the club in the future. The only doubt is whether neutralization is the right time at this stall is a question.

Many clubs are actively moving towards neutralization. Evergrande team changed its name to Guangzhou team, R&F changed its name to Guangzhou City, and Zall changed its name to Wuhan team. This is completely de-enterprise and is what the Football Association wants.However, this reform of Shanghai Seaport is said to have aroused the dissatisfaction of some investors, who expressed their opinions to the Football Association.

Haigang, looking at these two words alone, is a neutral term, but it is still based on the corporate attribute of Shanghai Port Group and inherits its corporate culture. Everyone in Shanghai knows that the harbor element is not part of the Shanghai urban culture recognized by the general public.In other words, it has not achieved de-enterprise. And de-enterprise, precisely should be a necessary condition for neutralization.

At present, SIPG is the most wealthy investor in the Super League club, and there is no financial pressure. On the contrary, other private investors who need to be renamed have not only lost their brand in football, but also faced tremendous operational pressure. Henan Jianye finally adopted the double-city double-home approach to continue to operate professional football, overcoming indescribable difficulties. Zall and Evergrande have no hesitation in naming the team after the city. Is this equivalent to using the money of private companies to do charity to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of citizens? In the current environment of the Super League, it is unlikely that the club will be self-financing in the short term, and it is still necessary to invest in blood transfusions.

Thinking about it this way, the Harbour Club, which has not yet been de-commercialized, is really making money for everything. If someday new investors come in, or Shanghai Port Group stops playing, will it have to change its name in the future?It is said that before the Spring Festival, both Guoan and Evergrande resubmitted their application for name changes, requesting to change their names to “Guotai Minan” and “Hengjiu Yuanda”. I don’t know that the Football Association will not approve it.But such an approach proves that the Harbour Team is really a bit responsive.

Beijing Guoan has such a cultured team name, and it must be changed, and the name of a team with such a strong corporate attribute like Haigang can be easily changed. The Chinese Football Association may still not do enough. Today some media said that this matter is not for them to decide, and I cannot confirm this. However, the name change rules and approval rules are definitely agreed. Such a double standard is purely self-inflicted.

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