MediaOne ban: High court verdict disappointing – Popular Front

Popular Front of India (PFI) state secretary S. Sivakumar said that the Kerala High Court’s division bench’s dismissal of the petition challenging the central government’s decision to block the broadcast of MediaOne channel was disappointing. Nisar said. The court ruled in favor of banning the channel’s broadcasts only on the basis of the government’s arguments. The face-to-face approach of retaliation by the government, regardless of the Constitution and its fundamental rights, will affect the credibility of the people in the courts. The judiciary is tacitly acknowledging the political malice of the central government. National security is the responsibility of all citizens of the country. Putting it in a sealed envelope and making it a private matter of the government is to pave the way for a state hunt under its cover. By keeping silent about the courts responsible for correcting it, people are being forced to believe that the courts are also part of the bias.

We must resist the fascist regime ‘s move to silence opposition voices and silence minority – owned enterprises in the throes of legal action. “We offer our full support to MediaOne’s struggle for justice,” he said. Nisar said in a statement.