Home Business Medical robot development company ‘LN Robotics, attracts 8 billion won investment in Series A : Dong-A Science

Medical robot development company ‘LN Robotics, attracts 8 billion won investment in Series A : Dong-A Science

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Provided by Blue Point Partners

LN Robotics, a cardiovascular intervention robot development company, has attracted 8.9 billion won Series A investment.

Blue Point Partners, a technology startup accelerator, announced on the 29th that LN Robotics received Series A investment from Mirae Asset Venture Investment DHK Mirae Asset Capital, Stick Ventures, and Hanwha Investment & Securities on the 22nd. Series A investment is an initial investment that helps people enter the market by taking prototypes and turning them into formal services.

LN Robotics is a company established in 2019 by Professor Jae-soon Choi of the Medical Engineering Research Institute of Asan Medical Center and Professor Young-hak Kim of Cardiology. Cardiovascular intervention is a procedure in which a balloon or stent is inserted and re-pierced when a blood vessel supplying blood to the heart is blocked. Due to the diversity and complexity of lesions appearing in vascular diseases, long experience and skill of the operator are required.

The company explains that the robot implements the movements of a skilled operator. In October 2019, the robot completed an exploratory clinical trial under the approval of the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety for the first time in Korea. In addition to the robot, LN Robotics, which is also developing an oral cavity single-hole surgical robot and a urinary endoscopic surgical robot, plans to conduct a multicenter confirmatory clinical trial through this investment.

Lee Joo-hwan, chief examiner at Mirae Asset Venture Investment, said, “We decided to invest in LN Robotics based on its human composition and clinical field-based R&D capabilities. will,” he said. Jaesoon Choi, CEO of LN Robotics, said, “I hope that the technological know-how of medical robots will contribute to the growth of the Korean medical robot industry in the future.”


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