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Medieval Japan? Athletes’ village without TV and refrigerator, sweating organizing committee

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Tokyo Olympic Village. Getty Images

“This is like medieval Japan.” (Russian squad)

The Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee is sweating hard as it continues to criticize the facilities of the Athletes’ Village every day.

The Tokyo Olympic Athletes’ Village was built in Harumi, Tokyo, Japan. It consists of 21 buildings and 3600 rooms. A maximum of 18,000 people can stay at the Athletes’ Village during the tournament.

However, complaints from guests at the athletes’ village are increasing. Previously, players were introduced to inconveniences such as a bed made of corrugated cardboard and too low a bathroom ceiling.

The Russian team complained that there was only one bathroom in the room for 4-5 people in the village room, and there was no TV or refrigerator. Russian fencing team coach Mamedov, who has participated in the 9th Olympics as an athlete and coach since the 1988 Seoul Olympics, said, “I was surprised at the environment that I couldn’t think of as Japan in the 21st century. The players are pitiful.”

In particular, the Olympics will be held in the aftermath of the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19). The team cannot move around freely. Also, consider the heat wave in Tokyo. In order for athletes to live in the athletes’ village in a comfortable environment, TVs and refrigerators must be provided, and there must be ample toilet facilities.

When the criticism was raised, Toshiro Muto, Secretary General of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee, said, “This is the first time I’ve heard of this,” he said, not hiding his embarrassment. Seiko Hashimoto, chairman of the Tokyo Organizing Committee, also said, “After confirmation, we will respond immediately.”

Reporter Lee Hyung-seok


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