Medtronic and Seoul National University Hospital’s Neurosurgery Clinic for’Asia-Pacific Medical Person Education’

Medtronic Korea designated Seoul National University Hospital Neurosurgery as the’Center of Excellence (Medtronic APAC NS Training Center)’, and a mutual business agreement for training neurosurveillance monitoring skills during surgery by domestic and foreign neurosurgeons. It was announced on the 3rd that it has signed (MOU).

Through this business agreement, the two organizations operate an educational program using NIM Eclipse E4, Medtronic’s latest intraoperative neurosurveillance monitoring device, for domestic and foreign neurosurgeons, and provide an academic exchange environment based on close cooperation.

Until January of next year, Seoul National University Hospital Neurosurgery Clinic is the first NIM Eclipse educational institution in Asia-Pacific to provide overall understanding of neurosurveillance monitoring during surgery and strengthen skills of medical staff participating in the program. Plan.

Seoul National University Hospital Hospital Director Kim Yeon-soo said, “We hope that this business agreement will serve as another opportunity to expand the role of Seoul National University Hospital as the backbone of medical education.”

At the signing ceremony of the business agreement, Seoul National University Hospital Director Kim Yeon-soo and Neurosurgery Professor Kim Seung-gi, Neurosurgery Professor Kim Yong-hui, medical school vice president Kim Jeong-eun, Medtronic Korea vice president Seung-rok Yoo, and vice president Park Tae-hee participated.


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